FPU Coordinators do not have to be experts to change lives! Getting started is easy. Learn how to become a Financial Peace University coordinator. FPU-Coordinator-Guide (COORDINATOR GUIDE “The rich rule over the poor, and the bo). FPU-Coordinator-Guide.

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For more information, please visit our website at daveramsey. Wait for it to finish before moving on.


Coordinator 35 Super Saving We’ve got about 10 minutes, so let’s get started. To get the most out of FPU, everyone should attend all nine weeks of the class and do their homework assignments every week. Enter your income then assign every dollar of your income to the personalized budget groups.

God is getting ready to do doordinator incredible things. Create Interaction Get the discussion started and then let the members take over.

The words you are searching are inside this book. Complete the Financial Reality Check. Percentage Wrong, wrong, wrong!

FPU Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University 1 Co Coordinator Kit Guide Lanyard

Take charge of your financial behaviors by completing the following tasks this week. It’s okay if no one answers immediately. If someone has not already registered but knows they will today, go ahead and give them a membership kit to use for this lesson if you have an extra kit on hand. Used by permis- sion. You might want to practice this beforehand!

The accountability factor cannot be stressed enough! Tell everyone what to expect by saying: Check enrollments by logging in to FPU Central. CHRIS HOGAN A popular and dynamic speaker on the topics of personal finance, retirement and leadership, Chris Hogan helps people across the country develop successful strategies to manage their money in both their personal lives and businesses.


Each class session will be a little different, packed with activities, case studies, discussion groups and other ways Breakout GsreosuspioEnxse.

FPU Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University 1 Co Coordinator Kit Guide Lanyard | eBay

Give the group some time to sit in silence and think. You can follow Jon on Twitter at jonacuff. This is an anonymous activity. If so, encourage them to join your class!

Take the time to answer any questions and help them register. First of all, do not write your name on the card! Dave now devotes himself to teaching others how to be responsible with their money so they can retire with dignity and give generously to others. It is a huge factor in marriage, a tremendous coordijator in parenting, and a potential land mine for singles. Behavior change will be the main thing that drives our gide as we work through the class, and nothing does a better job of changing behaviors than engaging with a small group of peers.

The most important part of the small group time this week is for the members to get to know each other. Part of your job is to hold members accountable for successfully graduating from the class, so be sure to follow up with anyone who misses a class session!

Maybe you learned something new about your money. You can follow Dave on Twitter at DaveRamsey. The answer is you!

For more than a decade, Chris has served at Ramsey Solutions as a trusted financial coach and Ramsey Personality. Be sure yuide bring the results to class next week. As He leads your class members through this information, everyone in the room will come away changed forever. In fact, time for group interaction and discussion.


As Dave and the other teachers go through the lessons on video each week, you’ll see keywords appear at the bottom of the screen. Silence can be a powerful motivator. In Super Saving, Dave blasts through the hype and reveals the reasons why you should save money, how to be prepared for emergencies, and how to build genuine wealth—without luck or the lottery!

When people sit face-to-face and work through their hopes, dreams and fears about money together, amazing things will happen! The thought of opening up and However, many coordinators prefer a sharing their mistakes and misfortunes two-hour class session, which gives more with money can be yuide scary.

I have Card 1, so I’ll read the first question. Everyone in the circle should take about 30 seconds to introduce themselves by answering this question: It just has to become a big Advertisers and marketers are great return than a cootdinator savings enough priority. Each week will present new challenges and opportunities for your class members. Then whoever has Card 2 will read the second question. Post these totals in FPU Central.