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It is for that reason that I had undang-undnag play dumb. As far as I am aware, “Wali Hakims” are used for children born out of wedlock or in circumstances where the “Wali” cannot be found.

Looking back, their motives are clear.

My marriage was nearing its end. This is clearly stated ekluarga Section 4 of the said enactment. It was bloody painful and only Allah knows how painful it was. I was recently informed by a Syariah High Court officer in Kuala Lumpur and kelluarga officer at Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan that for custody cases in Wilayah Persekutuan, a mother will automatically lose custody in the event she remarries.

There will be no effect whatsoever on custody.

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What was she up to? What’s their grand plan? Firstly, why make the application in Kuala Lumpur? My wife of all people? I find this rather strange.

Enakmen Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam (Negeri Selangor) 2003

That is completely unethical and clearly hitting below the belt! It must have an underlying “kes induk” or main case. After migrating to Sabah, and after her birth inher parents still did not have any documentary proof of their marriage.

Looking back, it is for this reason that she is now at the time of writing in a complete mess and desperate. She may have panicked after learning that I had done so and probably realised that the Ex-Parte Court Order’s validity is in doubt.


Was she using my ex-wife a “guinea pig”? Why raise it now? I think her motives are clear. At the end of the day, the Syariah Courts will ultimately consider the child’s walfare as of paramount importance when making in its decision.

As mentioned in my previous post, on 17 January the Mahkamah Rayuan Syariah Selangor had ruled that my ex-wife’s Ex-Parte Syariah High Court Order dated 6 October “Ex-Parte Order” is not enforcable on grounds that My ex-wife had failed to file in the “Kes Induk” for within 14 days; and My ex-wife had failed to serve the order to me within 10 days as provided keularga in the Ex-Parte Order. We were ordered to complete our pleadings, i.

I divorced my ex-wife on 25 September keluarya Since it was an ex-parte hearing, I was not aware of it and I had no way of defending myself. Based on the above, the Honourable Judge decided that. Her application was rejected. I am still stumped. The Honorable Judge then looked oslam on the attendance record and noted that the Defendant my ex-wife and her lawyer had failed to turn up for the previous two mention dates.

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I was then asked to leave the house. I simply could not understand why. The order was granted on 6 October and the order was expeditiously served to the banks on 8 October Naturally, after the event, I lodged a police report. Why put herself first before the children? Upon checking, I also found personal items missing. Only then a husband may have strong grounds to apply to the Ebakmen Courts to declare his wife nusyuz.


After some undang-undant work, we found out that she made an application for “Penentuan Wali” for her planned marriage with her boyfriend. So a simple call to the Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Petaling Jaya confirmed as expected and feared that she filed in an application to “faraqkan” my previous marriage with her. I received a call from my officemate this afternoon informing me that a process server i.

Enakmen Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam (Negeri Selangor) ( edition) | Open Library

We just celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary in March ! So the BIG question is, why appeal against the 26 May court’s decision? In response, she mentioned to me that she had no choice but to fight in order to show to the children that she had purportedly never abandoned them; keluarba prove to family, friends and business partners that she allegedly never had an extra marital affair.

It means that they can still carry my name i. PRIOR to the divorce. As discussed in my previous post, her rights to child custody will be affected if she remarried.

The nusyuz period ends when the wife starts to obey her husband’s instructions or when the divorce had taken place, whichever is earlier. That was my paramount duty as a father.

No wonder she wouldn’t even allow the children to sleep with her. During the first mention date on 10 Septembermy ex-wife turned up alone.