Karen Miller’s Empress, the first in the Godspeaker trilogy, is a book of epic high fantasy to a slave to a knife-dancer to wife of the warlord to Empress of Mijak. [singlepic id=61 w= h= float=right]. If you are looking for dark fantasy, look no further. Empress by Karen Miller, first in her Godspeaker. This is the world that Karen Millar has built in Empress. While incredibly interesting the world is built almost lazily, changing at times to fit the.

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From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism

It is very difficult to read, but darn it, it is sooooooo poignant oof original, I feel lucky to have fallen onto it!

There was torture wheels and scorpion pits as tests to rectify sinning and testing to see if ‘god sees you in his eye’.

At most, you can empathize with her feelings as a mother for what she is going through in that moment. Second, the book revolves around a stifling, oppressive religious system that all but kills any sense of free will in the characters.

Far from it, after Hekat escapes slavery, it is never mentioned again. Well, maybe one of the characters. You are just gonna end up with men and no women, yeah real clever thinking there. She’s traumatized and being pushed towards a destiny not of her own choosing. It was a fast read, kept my pf, and I actually read every word. But if emprss are the sort that, like smpress, is easily exhausted by severely distorted characters, this may not be the book for you or you may want to pace yourself.

If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Which leads me to a final point: She is sold into his service and learns all she can about power – its wielding and its uses – as she fetches and carries and cleans and serves.


War is tearing the world apart, blood is flowing like rivers and no one is spared. One of the attractive aspects of the empeess is the presence of People of Color in a high fantasy setting; all too often in high fantasy brown people only appear as faceless hordes to be defended against and are never really presented as people.

The book did slow down at the end, and I did find it a little boring at times but over all it was a great read and really something to look into. Hopefully someone will appreciate them empeess than I did. EMPRESS is a horrible waste of time, the worst mijao of “poor and dirty child betrayed by parents and society, only to rise to power”. So yeah, read the rest, this is basically the longest prologue in the world and only focuses on the antagonist and her life before the main story.

On to book two. From page one, Hekat’s narrative voice was captivating.

Empress of Mijak – Wikipedia

They are on a mission of conquest, slaughtering thousands to spread the message of their god. She puts the B in bitch.

Born in poverty in the Savage North, she is sold to Traders into slavery. Despite the single star I gave it, I’m tempted to recommend oof to serious fans of the fantasy genre, as a case study. Slavery, sexism, class struggle, religious oppression, dictatorship, familial obligation, self-determination, racism: Sympathizing with Hekat is impossible; it’s only possible to wish she would have died in the first chapter so that one wouldn’t have had to suffer her existence throughout the entire novel.


Talk about Fate and Destiny. Now finally the plot.

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I would rather swim with the scorpions than read the next installment. The book is also bloody and raw. Seems pretty good, nicely detailed, and you are thinking it is pretty realistic. Empress is something different. I can’t wait to read the next two books in the series!!! It should be thrown in the nearest godpool where it will definitely be smited.

The main character of this book is Hekat – and you are not supposed to like her, or want to be her, or even live in her world. Award Honor List I won’t seek out empgess rest of the trilogy, but there is a possibility I would give the second book a try if it fell into my hands. Mar 31, Blodeuedd Finland rated it really liked it Shelves: Hekat is the most deeply crazy and disgustingly arrogant being if written about, she is the super villain of all times!

Empress by Karen Miller | Fantasy Magazine

My one sentence summary: I’m interested to see if Empress of Mijak spawns a new kind of villain fiction. Kf rest of the book tells of her rise in power in a land where the bloodthirsty god is always present, Godspeakers roam the streets smiting sinners and warlords get ready for battle.

Miller can definitely write, and while Emlress might not have fully enjoyed the choices she made with her characters, I must give her credit for wisking me off to another world, though a world too brutal for me to feel at home in.