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It wasn’t just about fighting and getting revenge by clans of samurais, but also about how Edo responded eo reacted to the forced opening of the country to the world.

Semua pelayan harus berbaris hingga ke gerbang mengiringi keberangkatannya. The plot and writing style were gripping and easy to read, and I learned a lot matsuoma feudal Japanese culture.

And he manages in this mindset. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? The missionaries are received as guests by Lord Genji, the heir to the Okumichi clan, and Zephaniah Cromwell is fatally wounded in an attempt to destroy Genji. In addition to writing novels, Matsuoka also worked on the script for the film Pale Blood.

Besides the activity of many characters and the pauses made by the author to actually explain what is happening with every one of them, the book flows naturally and I could feel the weight of the period portrayed. Dibaca ulang, dalam rangka nggak ada bacaan hehe dan ceritanya juga udah agak lupa. I really liked this beautiful and powerful approach by Takashi Matsuoka. It makes me wonder takashu the novel was aimed at being historical or magical.

I knew I would like this book – and I was right. View all 5 comments. The book rushes into its ending with the greatest implausibility of all: Lots of political intrigue, cultural references, gorgeous settings and descriptions.

Looking for beautiful books? This book is not without it’s flaws, but it is a good samurai story. Lord Kiyori telah mati, takaxhi Shigeru sering menjadi gila karena ‘penglihatan2’ yang dialaminya. So I read it all the way through, and cannot recommend it very well at all. Lalu iring2an Genji tiba2 berhenti karena Genji ingin bercakap2 dengan Heiko.


This was such a good book, but maybe not for samurxi reasons most people will talk about. That may sound bad, but this pretty much describes most good samurai stories.

El Honor del Samurai

I immensely enjoyed every page of it. Lalu dia harus membawa 2 buah pedang, wakizashi pedang pendek dan katana pedang panjangdipasangkan di ikat pinggangnya.

I enjoyed the constant strategizing thought processes of those in power on how to beat their enemy clans. At the same time, this difference is also balanced by how compromises can be reached, even though it can get bloody. It was with this kind of feeling that I borrowed from my friend abluesindrag this book by Takashi Matsuoka. The american actors are a fiery pastor trying to establish a Christian mission and convert the “heathens” with the help of his fiance and a new recruit that hides a past career as fast gun and bank robber in Texas.

One of the missionaries, Emily, is considered beautiful to Americans, but hideous to the Japanese. Set at end of the Edo period, the last years of the samurai, the book opens 6 years after Japan opened its borders to foreigners for the first time in years and 8 years after Commodore Perry threatened to bombard Edo if the shogunate refused to trade and negotiate with the West. I enjoyed this the most.

Overall, I am greatly impressed by “Cloud of Sparrows” and I look forward to reading “Autumn Bridge” by the same author. The multiple plots did not all finish at the same time, and the last one seemed like a hasty ending.

El Honor del Samurai : Takashi Matsuoka :

Tra giochi di potere, combattimenti a fil di spada, attentati esplosivi, viaggi, incontro-scontro con la tecnologia, religione cristiana e misticismo zen a confronto, la vita dell’affascinante Genji e quella della pudica Emily finiranno per intrecciarsi in modo indissolubile, adempiendo ad una profezia che egli, dotato del dono, ha avuto in passato.


Apr 10, Weni rated it it was amazing. The Best Books of Jun 06, Pam rated it liked it. Taking place inright when the west began to “invade” the east, the story centers around 5 main characters Genji is a daimyo of a small clan. I definitely recommend this if you have any love of Japanese culture.

Other books in the series. Matsuoka tries to temper the supernatural by implying this ability to see the future is a device used by the daimyo to control his vassals and adversaries, but he gives too many hints about 20 Century events for the argument to gain traction.

And what was my surprise when I discovered a well-written, well-researched and well-conducted story c I confess that I am not very fond of novels about Medieval Japan written by westerns. I was personally less impressed in the final chapters, where I felt the build up was a bit wasted in a rush to cram as many physical conflicts as possible and the plot twists proved to be less surprising than promised.

The best parts for me, we’re obviously the battle scenes It was not may favorite movie, but it was entetaining. Emily Gibson- a chick that has come to spread Christiani Reading Cloud of Sparrows the 1st time, you can’t help but be reminded of Clavell’s Shogun subsequently, one of my favorite bookswhich in my opinion, is a very good thing. We knew that Genji’s vision of the first Diet must either return by epilogue or sequel unless the pace quickens from Shouru’s horse to his visions of Tokyo commuters.

See 1 question about Kastel Awan Burung Gereja…. Description In the yearin the highest tower of Cloud of Sparrows Castle, a beautiful woman sits by the window, watching as enemies gather below and fires spread through the night.