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Overall, this flat shaped, light weight, and compact Induction cooktop is very much portable and will surely become one of your most favourite kitchen product. Just to make sure the Dutch oven is made of the right material. This can be activated by pressing and holding for 3 seconds.

DuxTop 8300ST 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

The ST portable induction cooktop model is very simple to use. All the touch controls are designed to be extremely sensitive, and thus a small touch will be more than enough to activate any controls. The digital timer which is selected using the Function sensor button can be increased with an interval of 1 minute starting from 1 minute to minutes.

Dropping into a countertop is not advisable because the cooktop needs to stay in line with regulations and also the ventilation would be a problem. This model is provided with a 6 feet long power code, which is quite long enough to move your cooktop around. Click here to visit That Useful Wine Site: The control buttons are touch sensor operated and covered with the same protective glass used on top of the burner.

The temperature mode can also be changed from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Fahrenheit with 10 different intermediate levels.


Duxtop ST Induction Cooktop – Keep your house cooler when cooking!

The cooktop sends out a warning signal if an excessive voltage or a low voltage than its specified rating is passed through it. You can choose a two day delivery period for this burner at the checkout, if you want the product shipped much sooner.

The ST model come with 2 options for extended warranty: Listed below, alphabetically by maker, is what we already offer. A little bit of patience and some trial and error will help to discover the right settings. Anyway being different from gas we should expect for fast heat so we need to act accordingly. This will fuxtop to avoid duxtlp.

Keep your house cooler when cooking with Duxtop 8300ST!

Heating W It is placed above the Function icon has a circle and inside it a finger shows that you need dudtop pressalong with the other 2 functions. Check Price at Amazon… 3. In terms of electrical function, the cooktop features an auto-pan detection system that automatically shuts the unit in 60 seconds, if it does not detect any cookware.

The ST provides two modes of cooking and this appears to be one of the most confusing concepts people have to deal with when transitioning from a regular stovetop or gas burners to an induction cooktop. Power mode is set by watts and is used for either slow or fast cooking. The manual advises to use this mode if we want to brow or fry food. Click here to visit the Growing Taste gourmet home-gardening web site! All the values will be displayed on the LED display situated in between the control switches.

We ask that if you have not already read our explanation of why we hope that you will choose to make your purchases here you please take a look at it now click the link in this sentence.


A lock button is also provided to lock dutxop the controls from being touched or changed by accident. This is called the diagnostic error message system.

Child Safety Lock — The lock button is mainly intended to keep children from accidentally turning on the device when no one is around.

For the DuxTop ST, the sellers carrying it, and the relevant pricing information, appear below. This is placed between Heating and Timer functions.

Lightweight and compact cooktop design The unit uses v, 15 amps of electricity Durable touch sensitive control panel Digital sensor touch panel with child dutop lock system that takes 3 seconds to activate when the unit is in use In-built count-down timer that counts to minutes, in 1-minute increments 10 power levels ranging from — watts 10 temperature range that starts at F to F A long 6 ft cord Product Use and Safety Precautions The energy emitted by the Duxtop burner comes to the unit via djxtop magnetic field.

If the device itself becomes faulty, an error signal will be provided by the induction cooktop to show that something is wrong with it. The Induction Site is not itself a retailer: The Duxtop Model ST comes with touch sensors so there is no material differences between the burner and control panel. Also, you may consider using a converter plate to use a Dutch oven when the oven is not induction ready.