This command is not supported on DS models. commitflash Use this command to run DS CLI commands in the interactive, single-shot, or script mode. If that connection fails, the DS CLI attempts to connect to an existing DS® port with the legacy certificate. If the second attempt also fails, the DS CLI. Complete this task to configure the DS system for use with the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Replication Manager using the DS command-line interface.

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Only a person who has administrator authority can invoke this command. Tn identifies the port number. The lsportprof command displays a list of port profiles that are supported on a storage unit and their recommended address discovery and logical block size values.

The rmkeygrp command removes an entry for the key server encryption key group on a specified storage image. The unfreezeflash command resets a FlashCopy consistency group that was previously established with the -freeze parameter when the mkflash or resyncflash commands were issued.

The reverseflash command reverses the FlashCopy relationship. Location Specifies dd8000 network port location using the format: This command can also be used to change an assigned rank ds80000 an unassigned rank.

List of commands

The showplex DS command fli detailed properties of a storage complex. The lsaddressgrp command displays a list of address groups for a storage image and the status information for each address group in the list. The showsp command displays a properties report for a storage complex. The chsestg command changes the space-efficient storage attributes for an extent pool.

The lsarraysite command displays a list of array sites and status information for each array site in the list. The mkreckey command is for users with security administrator authority. The rmreckey command allows you to remove an encryption recovery key. The lsarray command displays a list of arrays in a storage image and status information for each array in the list.


The mkauthpol command allows you to create an empty authentication policy. The lslss command displays a list of logical subsystems LSSs for a storage image and status information for each logical subsystem in the list. The value that is highlighted in the previous report is the password that is used on the specified server.

The lshostconnect command displays a list of host connections for a storage image and the status information for each host connection in the list. The setauthpol command modifies policy attributes that apply to a specific type of authentication policy, changing the contents of the policy.

The revertremoteflash command is used to restore data on the source volume to its most recent consistency formation. On zSeries hosts, data storage and data retrieval errors are recorded and can be offloaded. The commitremoteflash command sends data to a target volume to form a consistency between the remote source and target FlashCopy pair. The rmuser command removes a basic user account. The mkremoteflash command initiates a remote point-in-time copy from source volumes to target volumes through a Remote Mirror and Copy relationship.

The offloadauditlog command provides an activity report for a console identified as smc1 or smc2. The showcontactinfo command displays customer contact information for the storage image. You can configure your Ethernet cards at any time. For detailed steps, see information about configuring and managing logical storage in the command-line interface section of the IBM DS series online documentation.

DSCLI – DS8000 Command Line Interface program Download

The DS command-line interface must be installed. The resyncremoteflash command formerly called the incremoteflash command and associated with the incremental FlashCopy cl increments an existing remote FlashCopy pair that has been established with the -record and -persist parameters.


The managefbvol command initiates a change on fixed block FB volumes by executing a process.

The rmarray command deletes arrays. Values for the -ipaddr-subnetand -gateway parameters are required. The rmauthpol command allows you to remove an authentication policy.

IBM DS Command-Line Interface User’s Guide – United States

All new write operations to the source since the most recent consistency formation are overwritten with the previous consistency. The lskey command displays the type of LMC activation keys that are installed and are available for use by the storage unit. The format is used for clarity.

The setvpn command starts or ends an outbound virtual private network connection VPN. The pausepprc command pauses an existing Remote Mirror and Copy volume pair relationship or pauses a single volume ID. Es8000 mkgmir command starts Global Mirror for a specified session. The showrank command displays detailed properties or performance metrics of a rank.

The lsvolgrp command displays a list of volume groups in a storage image and status information for each volume group in the clo.

List of commands

The rmremoteflash command removes a relationship between remote FlashCopy volume pairs. The chresgrp command is used to change a resource group object on a storage image. The lsnetworkport command displays a report that lists all network ports that are installed in the specified storage unit.

The rmflash command removes a relationship between FlashCopy volume pairs. The showextpool command displays detailed properties, tier information, or performance metrics of an extent pool.