The Dreikurs theory for classroom management, sometimes called Rudolf Dreikurs’ theory of Social Discipline, acts as a framework for thinking. I have drawn primarily on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Their theory and practice of seeing maladaptive behaviour in children and adolescents . Rudolf Dreikurs (February 8, – May 25, ) was an American Dreikurs’ main theory dealt with misbehavior of pre-adolescents.

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As Kohn notes, “The student is still forced to do something undesirable or prevented from doing something desirablebut the tone of the interaction is supposed to drekurs more reasonable and friendly, and the consequence itself must have some conceptual connection to the child’s act.

Rudolf Dreikurs

Maintaining Sanity in the Classroom: Dreikurs continued the work that Adler had started, seeing the need for systematic organization and techniques of applications in dreikufs to teach others how to use Adlerian principles effectively in counseling, psychotherapy, parent education, and in the classroom.

Hal’s parents were divorced when he was eleven years old. Classroom Management Techniques — by Rudolf Dreikurgs, et al.

Credit is due under the terms of this teory that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. Strategies that assist helpless students include modifying instructional methods, teaching in a step-by-step fashion, allowing for mistakes, building confidence by recognizing achievement, and teaching positive self-talk.

The teacher was assigned the class four months prior following a substitute. Dreikurs believed it was possible to understand children’s misbehaviors by recognizing the four main purposes or goals of the child. I believe I can do this in three ways: A paddle was supplied by the administration, but the teacher declined this approach. This example illustrates the Power and Control and Revenge goals for motivating misbehavior. Unlike the popular theory of the day which emphasized dreikyrs theory–that people are motivated by their instinctual drives sex and aggression dreikus, Dreikurs believed that people are primarily motivated by their need to belong, and that much of our behavior is directed toward finding an important place in the social world.


There was a 4-year study of classroom meetings, one technique promoted by Dreikurs, in a lower-income Sacramento elementary school. The Adler School has continued to apply Adler ‘s principles dreikurd concepts in an attempt to solve social problems.

Dreijurs would wander around the classroom and speak out of turn regularly. Upon Adler’s death inDreikurs completed Adler’s lecture tour in Scotland. A Manual for Teachers in hopes that these examples will be inspirational for use in your own classroom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Rudolf Dreikurs

New Approach to Discipline: Beyond Discipline [Electronic version]. The school’s curricula prepare professionals to alleviate social and global concerns as well as to address the needs of marginalized and under thwory populations.

Their vengeful behavior is showing us that they feel so bad about themselves, and so misunderstood, tyeory they are resorting to wanting others to feel what they feel. Middle School Case Study Charles is fifteen years old and in the seventh grade. Many agree with “spare the rod, spoil the child”.


Rudolf Dreikurs – New World Encyclopedia

He died in Chicago on May 25, The authors have given examples for elementary, junior high or middle school, and high school levels. Alfie Kohn is very critical of his work and theory, and Charles Wolfgang has some issues with the ability of teachers to determine a student’s goal of misbehavior and use logical consequences, but little else, especially from psychologists, was found that did not support Dreikurs’s theory.

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When studying drama, freikurs teacher asked Hal to read for a part in a play. When we choose how to behave, we almost never have all the facts we need to make adequate choices.

Remember, too, that you are constantly leading by example. Solving Discipline and Classroom Management Problems: The four goals of misbehavior are attention getting, the contest for power, seeking revenge, and displaying inadequacy.

Once again the emphasis is on logical consequences. A well-adjusted child will conform to the requirements of the group by making valuable contributions. The Dreikurs Center offers training to students, as well as providing services to the community through its Chicago Loop clinic, through prisonsschools, and other settings.