The Dogon are an African tribe thought to be from the Sirius star system. Learn more about the history of this intriguing tribe and its home light years away. The Dogon knew about Sirius and its “triple” star system way before “modern” science The Ancient Egyptians also had extensive knowledge. Sirius and the Dogon. A Dogon Granary (courtesy Lecane). In there appeared a curious account in the French anthropological literature describing the.

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Sirius A is the brightest star in our sky and can easily be seen in the winter months in the northern hemisphere. Moreover, the faint star was made from a “dense metal”, so heavy that all the people on earth could not lift it.

Follow an imaginary line through the three stars to Sirius which is just above the horizon. EiriusRobert K. The Satimbe mask represents the women ancestors, who are said to have discovered the purpose of the masks by guiding the spirits of the deceased into the afterlife Davis, Intrigue of other seemingly falsifiable claims, namely concerning a red sogon star orbiting around Sirius not hypothesized until the s led him to entertain a previous challenge by Temple, asserting that “Temple offered another line of reasoning.

It is also possible to conclude that such a star could in no way be responsible for the flurry of sightings from the s, it would be too faint and too close to Sirius A to have ever been seen by visual observers. The Nummos’ skin sirous primarily green, but, like the chameleon, it sometimes changed colours.

Did the Dogon Know about Sirius B?

Orion’s belt are the three bright stars in a row. Thus, it has been asserted, as by Robert Temple in The Sirius Mysterythe Dogon must have been visited by aliens from Sirius who conveyed the astronomical secret to them. The most ancient dialects being dyamsay and tombothe former being most frequently used for traditional prayers and ritual chants.

The heavenly Powers themselves were dual, and in their Earthly manifestations they constantly intervened in pairs I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear idea http: By exploiting the seasonal behavior of Sirius in this baroque symbolic system, the Dogon, like so many others, contrived their own charted territory in the starry sky. Its second,edition is called The Sirius Mystery: Beyond the Blue Horizon: Did the Dogon Know about Sirius B?


Therefore, if Sirius C exists, it must orbit Sirius A.

Dogon people – Wikipedia

It was said to at times have all the colours of the rainbow. Whats even more interesting is the fact that the Dogon knew that every 50 years, the planet completed its orbit, and they knew that it was – facts that modern-day astronomers have managed to corroborate. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

Since the Egyptians were keen astronomers who revered highly the bright star Sirius and who had a large network whereby they could spread this knowledge siris by aliens, why would these extraterrestrials not approach them instead?

Oligarchy is Not Democracy. This gift of grain is associated modernly sogon extraterrestrials of a strange appearance, because the sky god Amma’s creations, the Dogon’s mythical ancestral spirits called “Nommos,” were depicted as amphibious fish-like creatures. Sirius B was first observed inand had been predicted in on dynamic grounds.

The Antikythera mechanism by Ivan. It dies that others might live and through death is itself returned to life. Griaule describes it in this passage:.

The Dogon Tribe: Connection Sirius

During the ‘s, when Krupp wrote this book, a debate occurred about whether or not the original anthropologists recorded the Dogon’s cosmology accurately: New scientific evidence of alien contact 5, years ago 2nd ed. The Eight original Ancestors were really eight pairs They make music on a special instrument that is made of a rod of wood and calabashes that makes the sound of a rattle.

Ethnic groups in Mali. They could very well have acquired such knowledge abroad, passing it on to their tribe later.

Murdock’s Who Was Jesus? Views Read Edit View history. About 1, ethnic Dogon in seven villages in southern Mali speak the Bangime languagewhich is unrelated to the other Dogon languages and presumed [ by whom?

I would like to apprentice while you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog site? As we can see, the invisible, tiny, white and heavy “star” is the divine genius of the nearly invisible, tiny and white “seed of creation,” mythologically heavy with “blood. Temple in a book published in called The Sirius Mystery.


Or is the whole thing just a matter of coincidence?

So how did they do it? It also doesn’t explain how the Dogons knew about the super-density of Sirius B, a fact only discovered a few years before the anthropologists recorded the Dogon stories. I find it undeniable that During the yincomoli ceremony, a gourd is smashed over the doogn wooden bowlhoeand siius, burial blanketwhich announces the entrance of the masks used in this ceremony, while the deceased entrance to their home in the family compound is decorated with ritual elements Davis, 72— In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon.

Dogon Tribe – Nommo – Crystalinks

Astronomers generally regarded the stories as cultural artifacts, products of contacts by the modern world with the Dogon, which they incorporated into their own traditional culture. You have performed a formidable activity and our whole group will likely be grateful to you. The “Sigi so” was used to tell the story of creation of the universe, of human life, and the advent of death on the Earth, during funeral ceremonies and the rites of the “end of mourning” “dama”. Masks used during the yincomoli ceremony include the Yana Gulay mask, the Satimbe mask, the Sirige mask, and the Kanaga mask.

From toGriaule studied the Dogon in field missions ranging from several days to two months in, and [30] and then annually from until Bessel was the first to suspect that Sirius had an invisible companion when he observed that the path of the star wobbled. Dogon insecurity in the face of these historical pressures caused them to locate their villages in defensible positions along the walls of the escarpment. Really appreciate you sharing this post.