DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere · Allen Mowery am, 21 November Taken from a video I recently created. View it here: Get great results.

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Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. AG Bouncer 2 wrote: SpeedLite aimed directly at subject. Photographer Allen Mowery made a yet another simple Lightsphere from some stuff he found around the house Velcro and bubble wrap vinyl drawer liner.

For me, the results were unexpectedly good in some instances, but unexpectedly bad in others. Thanks for posting this! This diffuser and any diffuser will not instantly make your photos look lighgsphere. Clinton Lofthouse is a Photographer, Retoucher and Digital Artist based in the United Kingdom, who specialises in creative retouching and composites.

The SiOnyx Aurora is a compact camera designed to shoot stills and video in color under low light conditions, gzry we put it to the ligntsphere under the northern lights and against a Nikon D5. Turned down the power to better show the way it manipulates the light. I attached it to my gxry and started running around the house taking test shots and muttering to myself about the results.

The accuracy or completeness of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. See, when you take a picture of an object, your camera is actually capturing the light that bounces off of that object from whatever light source you happen to have handy. Edited by Melindros member 7 years ago. Found this great article about how to build your own lightsphere-like flash diffuser.

  JRC 2903D PDF

Great depth and warm colors from the off-white wall. This was neat as all it did was reduce the flash-power needed but the diffusion and bouncing capabilities stayed the same.

And merely for this reason i also think he deserves all his money he has gotten for selling LS. DJI Ronin-S gimbal stabilization system. The items are pictured below: So, for the purposes of explaining how lgihtsphere velcro works, picture the diffuser material as a sheet of paper.

Is the adpro a better choice for location shooting than the adpro? DIY Lumiquest from chicken feathers. Anyhow, me and my group members have been trying to come up wih the equiptment and money to make a light diffuser to enhance the quality of our video. You can shoot with the smooth side in or out.

Build A $1 Lightsphere – DIY Photography

A diffuser accomplishes 2 different goals: There is almost no end to font you can do this. This sheet will have 2 long edges, and 2 shorter edges just as any rectangle does. I can better results with my fun foam better because I can shoot faster since my strobe doesn’t have to work as hard since it’s only throwing light on the subject, not the entire gafy and it folds flat.

Notice how the colors are brighter, the light much more even, but the shadows are sharper. Might be a good combo with the fun foam, though the fun foam works just fine as is.


Build A $1 Lightsphere

Oh yeah– did I mention you can make a fun foam diffuser for under five bucks? GF makes the best diffusers ligntsphere far as I’m concerned. Flash aimed directly at the subject, using ETTL.

In fact, as it turns out Google knows all about people like me who have tried to come up with their own diffuser design.

I cut out a piece of this material in dimensions that would fit around the body of my flash as shown in my pictures above. Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? Photo by – Nahum. Also note the much cooler tone of the image with the diffused flash. It was way back when first time a bubble-wrap for instance was used on top of flash to diffuse light. The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Z7, but its 24MP resolution is more than enough for most people, and the money saved can buy a lot of glass.

Spreading the light and making the light source surface area larger.