Difficult Daughters [Manju Kapur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set around the time of Partition and written with absorbing intelligence. I have taken up Manju Kapur’s debut novel Difficult Daughters () to delineate how the saga of the partition of a nation becomes the. The Criterion: An International Journal in English ISSN A Feminist Study of Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters Bijender Singh .

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Difficult Daughters

Virmati is a young Punjabi girl, born to a high-minded family in Amritsar; the oldest daughter of an ever-growing brood, Virmati spends much of her youth taking care of her siblings. Virmati desire to have the professor to herself, her struggles, frustrations, her little joys and ‘non-cooperation’ is depicted wonderfully.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Virmati’s love rival is the Professor’s wife, a barely literate woman chosen for him as a child. Skimmed through the last few pages to finish the book.

Log In Sign Up. These complications made the novel far more interesting to me, but it’s not for someone who’s looking for a conventional love story. Virmati is the eldest of diffficult children, born to a respectable family in Amritsar. They did often feel like newspaper cuttings pasted in.

Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur

While she stood her grounds against her family for the sake of education, claiming she will never marry, it seemed as if her pursuit for kxpur was only to feed her obsession for this man.

Perhaps surprisingly we know least about the granddaughter, Ida, the original narrator of the book. Return to Book Page. Virmari, a young girl who is on a q The story of this book describes the love story of manji 24year old girl, Virmati and her struggle to own the man of her life. Nov 25, Vidhya Nair rated it liked it Shelves: She has been described in the novel as a mother whose duty is to give birth to children as many as she can.


Some of this has continued even in the 21st century so it felt a little familiar. The professor has been married with his uneducated wife in his childhood. After they duaghters married and Virmati disowned by her family, her husband encourages her to study, to learn- by his choice, to be his companion, be independent within the limits he sets and keep up with his parallel family. She was never the one to dwell in the past, which is why her daughter knew so little about her mother.

Her daughter studies longer, despite her education being interrupted by family difcicult.

View all 4 comments. She subsequently tries to understand her mother’s life better, researching adughters history and recreating events. The way someone will value me after I have goneā€¦. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 3 81, 3. Rest, its a goodread. However the novel was at its best when describing the love story and the implications of a second wife in the family than when dealing with the “historic stuff”.

Virmati, a young woman born in Amritsar into an austere and high-minded household, falls in love with a neighbour, the Professor–a man who is already married. The book tells the story of Virmati and is partly narrated by her daughter who is trying to learn more about her mother. Her world dauvhters shaken when she falls in didficult with a married man.

Those few pages held in them things about memories, lineage, and history that are worth cherishing. Kasturi, Virmati, Astha or Ida are victimized of the rotten-rules of the patriarchal society. A good and easy read with a lot of indian cultural background.

I loved the writing style and characterization – no efforts to explain Indian food, culture – not even translations. Her mother is always worried about her marriage and she does not understand her mental turmoil. Interestingly, much later in life she has expectations of her daughter, that are not much different to the burden of expectation placed upon her as a child.


She then becomes romantically involved with a college lecturer, and that romantic engagement paves the way to further education. Mnaju novel is related to her life and she gets a loving and caring husband and better surroundings to live daighters Delhi. I would have liked to know more about Ida’s life and more about her relationship with Viramati. Her story is a real one, one familiarly faced by many girls from traditional homes who are bound by duty yet yearn to be seen for themselves, as unique individuals.

Oct 30, Sowmya rated it really liked it. She tries to please her husband, kapr man who barely thinks of daughtefs, and understandably doesn’t like the interloper.

The actual bulk of the book is well written, it is an engrossing tale of love and deceit set difgicult the backdrop of India’s partition.

She has clearly been unhappily married and estranged from her family, but we can only glean information from her reaction to her mother’s story. She has to let go of an unwanted marriage which infuriates her family and daughtets deal with her relationship to a professor who is already married but deeply in love with her.

It seems that tradition is more important, especially as the actions of a daughter affect her whole family. This book takes us on a pre-independence round-trip of an Indian family, and reveals the traps that women fall into, the prisons they willingly enter and the cycle of life.

Hers was a r A daughter wishes to trace the journey of her deceased mother’s difficulr.