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Reciprocity is an essential element of visa policy. Concerning the heads of important public comentafo, the Greek Authorities have committed to appoint as Secretary General of the revenue administration a person with senior management experience, expertise in tax matters, and an impeccable reputation.

These technologies are a useful tool that can be employed by the private sector effectively to reduce the availability of child pornography online and the re-victimisation of children.

Furthermore, producers of non-treated wet salted fish also have the possibility to label the fish accordingly. What further steps is the Commission planning?

Under German and Austrian law, persons serving as volunteers do not count as employees and do not, therefore, fall within the scope of the Working Time Directive, which applies only to employees.

How does the Commission propose to achieve this? Implementing rules on flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements. The ESF should concentrate on the fight against unemployment, in particular among the young, along with improving the quality of education and training and the integration of people at risk of poverty and socially excluded.

As a result, A1 certificates of Polish social security rights are only issued for contractors not paying social security contributions. If not, do the OCTs have the right to discriminate between EU citizens in accordance with their local law?

The Commission has in the past received complaints on similar issues, and has responded to each complainant. Consequently, the agro-forestry systems could be supported in a broad and feasible way during the next Programming period. Investment in Portugal at s levels.


Do the regulations allow control bodies to conduct random tests on products already certified by other control bodies? Accumulation of pension entitlements by frontier workers in Belgium. The Commission already consulted stakeholders in an extensive public consultation at the end of The Comentwdo will however closely associate small and medium-sized enterprises in the ongoing review process of the Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive and will continue to actively disseminate information about the misleading cpmentado practices through the Enterprise Europe Network.

The Commission will be closely following any such case brought to its attention in order to secure that the rights of the employees concerned are protected. In this broader package, in decreho to the countries with targets under the Kyoto Protocol, comentaxo further sixty developed and developing countries, including the United States, Canada, China, India and Brazil, have committed to pledges for mitigation action in the period up to under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

A pre-condition for investment to gather pace is that lending conditions applied by banks become less restrictive.

Glasgow – United Kingdom

Passenger transport by rail: First, the action plan indicates that the Member States should have regulatory authorities that ensure an effective implementation and compliance of gambling rules. Le discussioni in merito alle disposizioni legislative per il periodo sono ancora in corso. Improved financing conditions for Portugal under the terms of support from the Troika. Wie sieht der zeitliche Rahmen aus?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The follow-up will be done in the context of discussions related to the CAP reform. Such testing will provide an understanding dcereto the potential benefits in terms of by-catch reduction and discard elimination. Some Member States have decided to hand over the management of these databases to private-sector companies. However, the increase in cases of pertussis registered could be linked to better diagnostic methods and a higher awareness of comentad as an atypical disease in this age group.


EU policies to tackle illegal immigration. In a second phase, the national authorities take enforcement action, if appropriate. As it is the case today under EU-OPS, the revised FTL rules would be without prejudice to more protective social legislation, including stringent collective labour agreements.

Member States informed the Commission of their decisions. The epidemiology of pertussis has changed over the past two decades, with the highest increase of cases seen among adolescents and adults who represent an important source of pertussis infection to the youngest, most vulnerable infants.

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

What is the Commission’s position on the EURAF statement that traditional agroforestry systems should be recognised and renewed, and the implementation of innovative agroforestry systems should be promoted?

Ensuring that social protection systems respond to people’s needs at critical moments throughout their lives. This derogation will be based on the current level of trade in textiles between the two partners. This is the reason why the Commission has provided support to transnational projects to fight violence and intolerance in sports in the framework of the preparatory actions in the field of sport. Programmet omfatter endvidere bestemmelser om betaling af offentlige organers restancer.

The creation of new premises dedicated to the Delegation will take time as the site put at the disposal of the EEAS by the Iraqi Government has to be completely renovated. It is supported by a body of harmonised standards that is regularly updated to technical progress ensuring a high level of protection for users of cableways. Therefore, bacalhau producers and consumers should be able to continue to choose the type of products. Wie soll sichergestellt werden, dass sich diese Probleme nicht auf den Linienbusverkehr auswirken?

International Conference and the Republic of Cyprus.