Decreto Ministeriale 7 novembre «Modalità operative del Fondo riassicura- tivi» e Decreto Ministeriale 7 N / Member State. Reglamento de Compras y Contrataciones de Bienes, Servicios, Obras y Concesiones. Deroga el. Decreto , Decreto No. (República Dominicana. The Decree sets out rules on general provisions, special .. 76 http://

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Having alternatives can be useful for a while, but we need to converge on how to avoid them becoming part of the problem. Thirdly, the adoption and enforcement of climate change, resilient building codes. We are very serious about that. And Warren, I thank you as well for the work that you have been doing with your team in terms of playing a very important role which is crucial. This is reflected in the constituency we share here at the World Bank Group and recreto IMF, and our friendship can be seen in our extensive people to people ties.

Count on us as a progressive partner. And the UK absolutely stands shoulder to shoulder with all our territories, friends and colleagues. Thank you very much for being here and joining us in this high-level roundtable on recovery and resilience in the Caribbean. This is a powerful representation of how we are coming together across the international communities to rebuild, quite frankly, territories and islands that have been absolutely devastated through the hurricanes that we have spoken about.

But to challenge our system too, to make sure that our international system is decretk to the needs that exist. These kinds of events not only deliver a setback for the 40 million people living in the region, but also pose a real threat for the economic development of small economies and fecreto economy of the entire region. So, this is what we need to do.

Thank you very much, Jim, and for inviting us to a really important event. So, we need to now think strategically with the insurance industry.

So, what an opportunity to put right on the table, a wonderful opportunity of building resilience for Paris. Not just for decrwto hope to the people today, but to show that pioneering and buccaneering spirit as well, for the region to secure its future.


Second, strong coordination is essential. While there has been financing for mitigation, there has not decrteo a lot of financing for adaptation. Just yesterday I was with the G-7 finance ministers and central bank governors, and Philip Hammond from the UK made a very, I think, important suggestion which is that some of the countries that have graduated from receiving concessional financing that we may create a window. Can we get something like a catastrophic draw down decfeto but that is linked to requirements to build more resilient infrastructure.


The road to recovery in Dominica and across the Caribbean, we know will be long. They want to prevent having catastrophic outcomes and we want that as well. That also means expanding that suite of instruments on offer to countries to help them manage the risk, manage the debt, bring forth insurance and other types of financial instruments too. So, building resilience to extreme weather events is clearly in the center of the adaptation work.

The Secretary General recently decdeto to Antigua and Barbuda and to Dominica to show solidarity and see for himself the damage. Reducing, obviously, the potential impact on public services, livelihoods of any future disasters. Some kind of innovative tool where we vecreto move toward financing resilient infrastructure. If it happens every year, if a thousand year event happens every dfcreto, these instruments are going to become obsolete very, very quickly.

But also new mechanisms allowing for effective reconstruction to build resilience in relation to future storms. The longer-term situation of the Caribbean faced with more and more severe climate related shocks, and how we can extend these lessons and actions to other countries facing growing similar threats. There is always more to do in terms of reform of the system.

Now, many of you may know that there is a meeting on climate change on December 12 thsponsored by France, and we really appreciate your leadership on this. We have already 12 major infrastructure projects and 50 health facilities across the region, the development bank.


Resilience against future storms but not just future storms, other crises that will inevitably come as they do so often to so many parts of the world. The challenges of small island states will be at the heart of the conversation.

You have a friend, an ally and a good neighbor in the United States. These challenges, needless to say, will not be easy and they will require help from the nations represented here and so many others.

Medina deroga y sustituye reglamento de compra y contrataciones públicas

I thank you for this important opportunity to talk on behalf of the region. Our discussion today is first and foremost about how to support the immediate situation of the people of the Caribbean. To play a part in supporting those territories and demonstrating agility and flexibility as the world is changing and as the need is changing as well, and be much responsive. This work is going to be overseen by a colleague of mine, Mr.

In the face of such frequent and severe climatic events the question today is not whether a new disaster will take place, but when and how bad will it be?

Local ownership also means that women need to be at the forefront. We need to find all the sources of financing devreto we might put together to help all of you rebuild. So much so that Grenada became the pioneer of the Hurricane Clause in its restructured debt arrangements.

Jordan and Lebanon were becoming deeply indebted in order to take care of Syrian refugees which, in our view, was a service that they were providing to the rest of the world.