the impact of French imperialism on Indochina. · the rise of Vietnamese nationalism and war against the French. · the growth of Vietnamese. In the s, the jungled regions of Indo-China were occupied by a number of asiatic peoples organized into several different kingdoms and. The USA provide aid to the French in their fight to retain control of Indochina. By this time the ‘Domino Theory’ is generally accepted by the US.

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At the turn of the 20th century, the growing automobile industry in France resulted in the growth of the rubber industry in French Indochina, and plantations were dwcolonisation throughout the colony, especially in Annam and Cochinchina. With the support of the majority, Ho was fiercely determined and willing to lose an excessive amount of Vietnamese troops for defeat — 10 Vietnamese for every French soldier.

Former French colonies in the Americas. By a vast majority of Vietnamese people had grown increasingly hostile towards their French colonial masters, motivated by a deep cultural disposition of resistance. From Tu Duc to Bao Dai. As a result of their western education, these Francophiles began to lose their culture and tradition as French ideologies were forced in an attempt to convert the people of Indochina.

Conscripte Forced enrollment, used to describe someone who has been forced to d join the military, such as someone who has been drafted. By the Eisenhower administration, the Cold War mentality was entrenched in the minds of the American public and the State Department. Ultimately, this essay will prove that the French colonisation of Indochina had a profoundly negative impact particularly on the people of Vietnam who had been the least compliant with regard to French occupation, and thus the most harshly treated throughout the period This article contains Khmer text.


Remember me on this computer. During the period of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the Communists actively encouraged colonial rebellion, but after its disintegration, they hoped that the colonies would provide an army of one million soldiers for the anti-Fascist struggle.

Studies of Religion II. The Vietnam War as history: The Viet Minh were able to persuade the peasants to support the Viet Minh and Ho in the fight for independence by assisting with everyday life and completing their jobs around the village such as harvesting. A grouping of the three Vietnamese regions of Tonkin northAnnam centreand Cochinchina south with Cambodia was formed in Vietnam was divided into two parts: Berbice France Antarctique Inini.

French Indochina

The success of rubber plantations in French Indochina resulted in an increase in investment in the colony by various firms such as Michelin. Please enter a Subject Name Below Select A History of Vietnam: On November 20,the Viet Minh clashed with French sailors who had seized a Chinese junk suspected of carrying contraband.

The governments of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia have previously indochna reluctant to promote their colonial architecture decolonosation an asset for tourism; however, in recent times, the new generation of local authorities has somewhat ’embraced’ the architecture and advertise it. Socially, Vietnam grew increasingly resistant towards its French colonial masters and throughout the period a number of nationalist groups emerged.

Decolonisation of INDOCHINA | Laura Farrelly –

This article contains Lao text. To justify this colonial war decolonisahion the bar of world opinion in general and before the US Administration in particular, France defined it more as a fight against communism than as a colonial war. That domino effect would have disastrous political, economic, and strategic consequences for the United States. After the war,Chinese troops under General Lu Han sent by Chiang Kai-shek invaded northern Indochina north of the 16th parallel to accept the surrender of Japanese occupying forces, and remained there until Wikimedia Commons has media inddochina to French Indochina.


By earlyboth sides had committed major forces to a remote village in the northwest corner of Vietnam, Dien Bien Phu.

Your browser is out-of-date! These new factories produced textiles, cigarettes, beer and cement which were then exported throughout the French Empire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. University of Hawaii Press. When the British forces took the Japanese surrender around Saigon September they allowed the French troops to attack the Viet Minh.

Thus, Sainteny along with others in the French Government urged negotiations with Ho.

Ho Chi Minh was a key figure in regard to influencing the rise of Vietnamese nationalism and communism. Only Laos was seen initially as an economically unviable colony, although timber was harvested deccolonisation a small scale from there. Once France had freed itself from the powder keg that was Indo-China, it lost an important part of its colonial prestige, fuelling the independence movements already active in French North Africa.

The Last Emperors of Vietnam: The coalition continued to function in an aimless manner until May when the PCF was evicted from the government after the French finally decided to back the West in the Cold War.

Hanoi disliked the agreement, for it said nothing about independence, and some in Paris disliked the idea of negotiation altogether Two more conferences were held between April-September