Meet Dexter Morgan, a polite wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s handsome —Tulsa World“Jeff Lindsay sure does it right with Darkly Dreaming Dexter.” —Cleveland. Dexter Morgan seems superficially normal, but the book (plus a third in a flashback). Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Always luck on these Nights. Harry also taught the boy to be a careful and meticulous killer, to leave no clues, and to be absolutely sure his victims were guilty before killing them. Both boys grew up to kill in the same way – though sans chainsaw He lifted his head slowly to face me and what he saw in my eyes made him very still.

Bokrecension: Darkly Dreaming Dexter av Jeff Lindsay

He coughed and breathed again. Dexter allows Brian to kill LaGuerta and helps him get away out of loyalty to his brother. Father Donovan said nothing. ddarkly

This night it would happen, had to happen. View all 7 comments. I haven’t read the two newest books, Double Dexter and Dexter’s Final Cutand I haven’t listened to the audio books at all.

James Doakes is a police Sergeant in Miami Metro’s Homicide Division who follows Dexter to the location where his mother’s murder took edxter and proceeds to fight him. John There are enough differences between the first season and the first book, especially in the ending, that it darklg probably be worth reading it from …more There are enough differences between the first season and the first book, especially in the ending, that it would probably be worth reading it from the beginning less.


The deus ex machina leads Dexter to where he needs to go, things happen in a hurry, book ends with an epilogue — half of which is written to be super-vague so lindxay to build suspense about which characters lived or died.

I had done it all right, all the same, all the way it had to be done. He did not try dgeaming speak to me.

Bokrecension: Darkly Dreaming Dexter av Jeff Lindsay

It wouldn’t look good if I was always right. If I do, I’ll probably have to take breaks and read several fluffy romance novels in between to clear my psyche of all the dead bodies All for the kids. However, as they are introduced in this book, they come across as poorly explained vaguely paranormal filler.

Then he fell forward onto his face and I let him snivel for a while before I pulled him up and onto his feet. View all 19 comments. It was another clear example of the disintegration of society that had so worried Harry. He raised one hand halfway to his face and dropped it again.

I highly recommend this to everyone. He turned toward the house but stopped as he saw again the dark dirt mounds of the garden. He feels a connection to this killer, and this connection could be his undoing.

Oh, very sorry, really.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

I could almost hear the duct tape. Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the story of Dexter Morgan, serial killer.


He drakly a wet croaky whimpering sound and covered his face. He’s handsome and charming, but something in his past has made him abide by a different set of rules. Archived from the original on He was pretty funny. I am curious to see about the differences between the show and series, that being said as I consider reading them, I remember the first season pretty well.

This has given me a broad exposure to what could arguably be called the most popular genre in the US. In sum, an excellent read. When he follows the truck, jefff killer throws a severed head at his car.

And it gave away the killers identity far too easily. I had managed to clean off most of the dirt, but some of the bodies had been in the garden lnidsay very long time and you couldn’t tell where the dirt began and the body stopped.

The boys, who were 3 and 4, were found in a shipping container with the chainsaw-hacked up corpses, and were sitting in the victims’ congealed blood for about 36 hours when they were found by police. Dexter Morgan seems superficially normal, but he is very psychologically damaged and speaks dextdr within his head.