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Therefore the Almighty will need to remind them that while they were still on Earth stumbling through the darkness of this world, they were only acting for themselves. There is no question that modern technology, and in particular, the Internet, has presented serious dangers for individuals, families, and yeshivos.

Another proof of Dad pettiness and self-aggrandizement.

My brother, who always found learning difficult, decided on his own to learn Daf Yomi. This was almost four years ago. You produced these things only to increase your bottom line and your own glory!

It is the World to Come dad all of the nations of the world are being judged. It is truly inspiring and humbling when people write to me that they would not have reached their learning goals without Real Clear Daf. You must log in to post a comment.


The Almighty questions Mr.

Hebrew4Christians Forum

Of course, nothing substitutes sitting down with a Gemara and toiling to plunge its depths. Believe it or not, the above is a Gemara dad Avoda Zarah 2b. I think that people are drawn to it not because I am some great scholar, but because of my commitment to clarifying Gemara and bringing it to life.

Steve Jobs may have been oblivious to it, but the reality is that technology can be a great tool for Torah study. Dat Heavenly Tribunal calls its next witness, a representative of America: As such, how could these nations possibly state a blatant falsehood?! But the story of this article is not about the dangerous side of technology: Jobs leaves the tribunal, head bowed and crestfallen.

Dedicate a Shiur See our dedication opportunities in honor or in memory of a loved one. He stuck with an early-morning shiur, always reviewing along the way, until he completed the entire Shas. Indeed it is one of the few things that yoji soothes the pain of the void Aryeh left behind.


Daily Gemara by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Since then, Real Clear Daf, has grown into a full-service website and state-of-the-art app that has touched thousands of Jews worldwide. It is called Real Clear Daf. The Rosh Yeshiva answered with a fascinating insight: Well, okay, we modernized it a bit, but the Gemara there does predict a Heavenly Tribunal during which one nation after another claims to have applied their ingenuity to enable the Jewish people to learn Torah, only to have God summarily dismiss its claim as patently false.

Days after completing Shas, he passed away. But Real Clear Daf is here to invite you into the process, help you keep up or enable you to review while commuting.