More than 20 species of Pleurotus are reponed cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus started in cultivare Pleurotus in small mushroom farms. velutipes (Curtis) (); Pleurotus velutipes (Curtis) Quél. 3 Valorificare; 4 Cultivare; 5 Legături externe; 6 Note; 7 Bibiliografie; 8 Legături externe. Pleurotus cornucopiae (Jean-Jacques Paulet, ex Léon Louis Rolland, ), din încrengătura Conținut nutritiv; Preparare; Cultivare.

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M had the most reduced propagation in the substrate with 0.

Standard formula supplemented with mL pumpkin seed shells; SPe2: There was a 2 day difference between the M and SPe3, revealing that the wheat straw s presence does not determine fructification advancing. The historical-natural complex Orheiul Vechi represents one of the most important historical and cultural objects, which has a considerable tourist potential.

The close correlation between microbiological indices, soil structure and the humus content is revealed. The upper part usually remained idle, with a glossy appearance without any dehydration marks.

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Aspecte hidrochimice ale apelor freatice din aria complexului istorico-natural orheiul vechi The historical-natural complex Orheiul Vechi represents one of the most important historical and cultural objects, which has a considerable tourist potential.

During this biological process is also important the P. Pldurotus of Agronomy Volume 14 3: Otherwise the propagation after 72 h exceeded 2.

The most effective stimulators of these remedies became the Mn II coordinating compounds with halogenoacetates. Standard formula supplemented with mL rice breach; SPe3: In the future, it is envisaged also the testing of alternative methods of cultivation casing layerwhich could simplify the technological requirements of an individual cultivaree.


Discovering and domesticating wild tropical cultivatable mushrooms. The pure culture has been used to obtain spawn on sterilized wheat, in glass jars of mL volume, provided with sterile air filter Vamanu, The data of productivity and biochemical comparative properties of microalgae Dunaliella salina cultivated on the mineral medium Ben-Amotz and on the medium on the base of the cultural liquid from Spirulina platensis produced are presented. As a result of the research, it was revealed that the perfume substrates as plant residues from agriculture could be used in the technologies of cultivation of oyster mushroom.

The investigations are carrying out in lizimeters, where the soil processes are modelling.

Cultivation of the king Oyster Mushroom Plerrotus eryngii in Egypt. Effect of substrate formula on the spawn running time, productivity and biological efficiency of Pleurotus eryngii MMIV strain. These results were not directly correlated with previous results Thawthong et al.

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The high colonization ability of the spawn in the substrate adds over all of these. The minimum was registered for SPe3 substrate with value of 2. The obtained results show the dependence of total amino acids compounds in fruit bodies of P.

Cultivation parameters were evaluated after Moda et al. Standard formula supplemented with mL chopped wheat straw s. Pleurotus eryngii mushroom is used for its ergothioneine content which is an amino acid but so for some statins lovastatinwhich prevent plasmatic cholesterol level rising and the decreasing of arterial deposits.

If the historical — cultural component, specific of the relief and the geological structure cultjvare relatively well known, is not practical information about groundwater water quality, which represents unique water supply source. Studis Publishing House, Romania. Substrate preparation and cultivation conditions: To all these adds a better glucose metabolism, through intervention on insulin synthesis medicalmushrooms.


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Although, it favored the fructification, it couldn’t sustain a proper productivity that led to a scanty spawn maturation. Agarikon Press, Olympia, Washington. Edible mushroom Pleurotus sajor-caju production on washed and supplemented sugarcane bagasse.

The highest value obtain was In conclusion, the tested strain holds a fickle character in a way that it has a high capacity of various substrates cultivation from waste in the clutivare industry. The purpose of this work pleurorus in the investigation of processing of raw materials from branch of perfume industry, reducing the duration and increasing the strain cultivation efficiency of P. There are reported the results of our investigations to apply microbiological energoeconomical method of preventive substrate preparation toward termic onebase on lactic fermentation.

Following the addition of rice breach and pumpkin seed husk in beech sawdust, were obtained the highest values, in average by one third higher as against the hay addition values.

Biotechnology in Macromycetes Culture. The harvesting was done when the mushroom top has started to bend. Obtained mushrooms were weighted separately for each of the substrate formulas used, in order to evaluate results.