Sometimes a rule will say that it only applies to models that have a specific rule the Mortal Realms with an iron fist, they are bound to .. Crom the Conqueror. Its leader, Crom the Conqueror, once sought to fight Archaon in single combat, but . A fan-made book containing update rules for classic Special Characters for . There were tons of rules and special characters, whom I needed to describe Vardek Crom, known also as Crom the Conqueror is GW’s failed.

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Grimgor Ironhide

The Mark of Nurgle makes him a tough competitor in close combat, though it obviously provides little assistance against the war machines that will inevitably be pointed his way.

Franz will eat monsters, monstrous infantry hordes, hordes of infantry, ethereals, heavy cavalry, monstrous cavalry and literally anything in the game short of a White Lion unit carrying the Banner of the World Dragon in a few rounds of combat between his ten attacks and Strength 6 Thunderstomp, while being a flying monster means he can always choose his engagements.

Grimgor challenges Archie again and they make it into a heated duel.

His statblock makes him a killing machine: There is nowhere to hide from the wrath of Karl Franz Ascendant, and for the points, you would be crazy not to include him if you want to prove once and for all that the “puny” humans of the Old World can match it with the demi-gods and daemons that plague its’ lands. Have a nice day! Much like the first End Times book, we have been given a host of awesome special characters and units that are sure to be popping up in competitive and themed army lists alike with incredible frequency.

This is before Nagash strikes, and assuming Nagash starts the round of combat on full wounds. Expect more on this soon. Against your typical five-wide bus unit – whether infantry or cavalry – this means you will be wasting a tonne of attacks from the Blightkings unless you count on them losing models so that the others can step up into position before they strike with their own great weapons, but any strategy that relies on losing expensive models is a lost cause.

Grimgor Ironhide – 1d4chan

Jack White 7 November at Post a Comment Thank you for the comments. Your ad here, right now: Unfortunately, there are two conueror issues the unit suffers from that serve to make them one of the most confusing regiments in application that the theory can fail to cover.


That is just insane and the fact that his base size forces him to sit at the edge of a regular infantry unit doesn’t compromise what is easily a highly valuable model, though putting him with anything from Trolls to Dragon Ogres can prove both amusing and effective.

It doesn’t sound like Gutrot does much to distinguish himself from a regular Chaos Lord but ultimately that is kind of the point, given that he costs a mere 40 points more than a basic Chaos Lord and yet gains an extra wound, the Mark of Nurgle, a great weapon, that crucial and very rare for Chaos forces Leadership 10 as well as hte bonus D3 attacks each round in the exchange.

Grimgor starts off rampaging east, encountering the orcish empire of the Necksnapper. Well, this is it.

Vardek Crom – 1d4chan

This also means that you need to run them in a five wide formation to ever benefit from Steadfast or rank bonuses, even though Infantry are relegated to one supporting attack per model which wastes the fact that each model has three attacks.

While his Putrid Blightking cohorts are a very unwieldy unit in practice, Gutrot’s classification as a character means he can be put to good use in numerous other unrelated units.

Because we can’t have cool things during the Apocalypse Valten is perfect for placing inside a huge block of infantry such as Halberderiers or Greatswords as he grants any friendly unit within 6″ Stubborn special rule. A member of the Kurgan tribe known as the Kul, Vardek Crom took control of his people before he was twenty years old by killing the previous chieftain.

Grimgor is still da bes’ because he didn’t need no stinkin’ talkin’ weapon to do da fightin’ for ryles.

He received his answer when Archaon and the Swords of Chaos crossed into his land as part of Archaon’s search for the Six Treasures of Chaos. Vonqueror Read Edit View history. Eventually running out of tribes of Orcs to test his mettle against, Grimgor made his way to fight the biggest challenge he knew of. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The Way of the Warrior: An additional little note in regards to the Eye of the Gods special rule is that if Festus Empowered rolls a double six Dark Apotheosis on the chart, he automatically passes his Leadership test to turn into a Daemon Prince.

The people that say “oh, you can just tarpit him with an infantry unit” forget he is a flying monster and can thus choose his engagements in every single game!


After that I’ll probably return to the End Times with a review of “Glottkin”.

He only wears Chaos Armor and sports mundane gear – an axe, a sword and a shield – but he’s such a badass that’s all he needs. Throw in the Mark of Nurgle on a model with a crazily high Weapon Skill value as it is and Orghotts ranks as one of the best combat characters in the game point-for-point, even before accounting for a Strength 6 Thunderstomp and conqurror to Killing Blow. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This is an encounter Blightkings conqueorr just barely win despite not being quite as expensive per model, their Mark of Nurgle, high Toughness and multitude of Strength 6 attacks allowing them to trade blows with most monstrous cavalry units – of course, the lack of Stomps, Swiftstride, general mobility and immunity to Killing Blow don’t help their cause.

The Slayer Cult, after a few battles, sealed themselves in their kingdom of Karak Kadrin. Karl is all but immune to test-or-die spells and provides your army with a massive 24″ Inspiring Presence using his maximised Leadership 10, a huge asset to have for any Empire army that traditionally has to contend with low or mediocre Leadership values.

Vardek Crom

He encountered the army of Crom the Conquerorand promptly slaughtered everyone he came across until Grimgor wound up in a duel with Crom himself who he saw as an almost equal since he had to put just as much effort into killing Grimgor’s elite as Grimgor had Crom’s ie next to none. Plumbing the forgotten caverns where the Dwarfs had dug too deep, he encountered his kin, the Night Goblins.

Retrieved from ” https: Festus’ profile has definitely improved greatly – make no mistake about that – with an increase of one to his Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Toughness, Wounds and Attacks values, while his Initiative has increased from a pitiful two to a much more respectable five, bringing him in line with a hardier Sorcerer Lord. Grimgor has been playable since at least the 6th edition of Warhammer when he replaced Morglum Necksnapper as GW’s go-to Black Orc Warboss, and in all his incarnations, ” rape train” pretty accurately sums up what he can do.

Enraged by their boldness, Crom strode out to meet them, and demanded Archaon face him in battle upon hearing his blasphemous claims.