Special Process: Plating System Assessment. Product Code: CQI Pricing This manual includes a downloadable assessment with forms to complete the. Recently our company was asked when we will implement the CQI Plating System Assessment Program. Before we can do anything we must find out what it . The goal of the assessment is the development of a plating management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the.

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Current amperes per unit area. Corrosion Resistance Test Method: Training Offerings by Industry. Is all other applicable equipment maintained? Each alarm shall be reviewed independently for functionality if applicable. Measure of void spaces in a material. Layered Process Audit Guideline. Capability study techniques shall be appropriate for the plating product characteristics, e.

Electrolytic cleaning in which the work is the anode. This clarification of process sytsem shall be documented. As a long standing member of Syetem, TopQM-Systems already specialized early on in the introduction, development and qualification of employees, as well as auditor training according to the rules of the AIAG for CQI galvanic plating processes in the European and global automotive supplier markets.

The codeposition of two or more metallic elements on a substrate. List the name sCompany iesphone number s and email address esif available, of the auditor s. Complete the PSA, determining the level of compliance. Assessments shall be conducted annually unless otherwise specified by the customer.


Barrel Plating Or Cleaning: United States of America. Copyright infringement is a violation assessmenr federal law subject to criminal and civil penalties.

The positive electrode in electrolysis, to which the negative ions are attracted. Process and Test Equipment 2. Records shall clearly indicate when and how any material has been reprocessed.

May 3 — 4, Date of Previous Assessment: Any specific customer requirements shall be met.

Torque Tension if Applicable Test Method: Initial product capability studies shall fqi-11 conducted for all plating processes per line asdessment defined in scope of work and in accordance with customer requirements. Ductility by foil Assessment Test Method: CQI-9 Heat treatment S A form of hydrogen embrittlement that may be induced in some metals by acid treatment.

Date of Previous Assessment: All team members involved in the plating management system would benefit from this seminar. Experience in the assessment of plating management systems would be beneficial. The facility shall be reviewed for the following items: Who Should Attend All team members involved in the plating management system would benefit from this seminar.

Job Audit Process Requirement Tables. The source of inappropriate material shall be identified and addressed. Current Quality Certification s: Examples of operating parameters include process temperatures, cycle times, load rates, rectifier settings, etc. The phone number of the facility. Plating System Assessment, which, along with internationally asessment quality management system standards and customer-specific requirements, defines the fundamental requirements for a plating management system.


Plating System Assessments (CQI-11)

Management responsibility and quality planning Paragraph 2: Supplier shall have preventative maintenance system that is documented and implemented. Redaoui Global Sales Manger Phone: Monitoring of potential trap points shall occur for every part changeover. Parts must meet each requirement. Preferably, safety or critical parts should be audited. Provide course at my site. This information determines the appropriate Process Table that shall be used during the assessment.

Please refer to the Maintenance Request Form at the back of this document to submit a request.

CQI Plating Assessment_图文_百度文库

Number of “Not Satisfactory” Findings: Removing surface oxides from metals by chemical or electrochemical reaction. The scope of the assessment? Does the plater have the proper customer specifications for the part? Heat Treat System Assessments. Feb 19, Ann Arbor, MI. After the part approval process is approved by the customer, no process changes are allowed unless assessmenr by the customer.