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Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 14 characterised in that it further comprises a flexible material member 50 disposed between the end of the ejector rod and the bearing area at the bottom of the recess.

M 2éme année

The latter has a smaller number of hops between the base and the terminal lug 33 ‘. Mechanism according to claim 15 characterised in that said member is a washer surrounding a centring peg 33 projecting relative to an annular bearing surface 51 at the end of the ejector rod.

Any eccentricity of the axis of thrust relative to the longitudinal axis of the ejector piston which in practice is aligned as far as possible the center of gravity of the object in question results in a moment on the piston ejector, not switch as a result of the time and cause a transverse velocity of the object, should have a high stiffness and a high accuracy of its guidance.

Of course any misalignment contemplated 14A and 14B are excessive, but were chosen as such to see the aforementioned explanation. Bonne chance dans votre recherche.

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In some applications the ejection device must allow ballistic phasing the object along a predetermined path from the support vehicle when only the gravitation governs the movement, the latter is type Euler-POINSOT.

However, most preferably, to ensure that the rupture of the frangible connection not induce any spurious time on the object, is chosen to give one of the pairs of tongues, for example the tongues 41 and 42 the most near the threaded portion, a radial dimension is termonale than for the tongues of the other pair y ‘: Indeed, if the tracking accuracy of the ejection rod in the sleeve 3 ‘is not perfect, and if during its movement the ejector pin and comes to have any transverse movement due e.

Preferably these tabs have trapezoidal sections with sides which are coplanar with the sides of the other tongues, respectively, as is represented by the triangle without top shown in phantom. Thereof, by pressurizing the combustion chamber, permits the piston ejector pin to come push on the object at the top support located in the center of gravity area. Close to the center of gravity is provided at the bottom of the housing, an area 5A or 5’A generally transverse against which the free end of the ejector rod rests.


The ejector rod comprises a plurality of sections of increasingly close the latter of which is a lug 33 penetrating with slight play in the central area 14 of centering.

DE Free format text: It is found that the quality of ejection is directly related to the geometric quality of the ejector and the initial distribution of games. The equation implementation of this condition is within the reach of the skilled person.

Je viens de lire un truc sympa: Or the invention minimizes any lever arms: Mechanism according to claim 3 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same tensile strength and the tangs 41, 42 joining the intermediate ring to the front annular end area have a lower tensile strength than the tangs joining the intermediate ring to the body of the receptacle.

Games assembly, in that the sleeve 3 ‘continues to provide an optimum centering cuors the object during movement of said cap causes a considerable speed of tilting of said object. Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 12 characterised in that a rotation guide tefminale 28 passes through the wall termibale the receptacle into an approximately longitudinal groove 29 in the ejector rod 2, 2’, 12 with a non-zero inclination angle relative to the predetermined direction X-X.

For guidance to be effective, it must be able to resume any time due to the eccentricity of the thrust axis before the object tilting movement is too important.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 17 characterised in that the recess 4, 4′, 14 lies along a main axis of inertia of the object. In the example of Figure 8, the rear end centering of the object is provided by the intermediate ring.

Thus the ejection force F applied to the object to be ejected, is characterized as follows: Taken together the various abovementioned documents are not concerned with the subsequent baryventre of the object. The quality of the end-stop is, too, a very important element of the accuracy of the subsequent movement of the object. L’alcool ce n’est pas des sucettes, c’est un poison violent.

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IT Free format text: Si oui peut on m’expliquer le pourquoi. This has benefits increased centering precision and a reduction in parasitic transverse speed rotation due to manufacturing tolerances and barycsntre clearances. It is possible to quantify the transverse disturbances linear speed and rotation according to the guidance. Qu’est-ce qu’une bulle lignaire?


This pin must of course be spaced radially by any appropriate known means, prior to the ejection of the object A.

This ejection phase must initialize for the ejected object a movement characteristic V L, W R to monitor a given ballistic trajectory, with a nominal speed of rotation transverse or very low or cone angle of Poinsot minimized. This internal collar 21 is here part of a shirt 24 penetrating, by being secured by a thread 25, a tubular outer piece 26 which, together with this shirt the receptacle C’est comme une indigestion.

It follows from the foregoing that the 10 proposed above mechanism ensures: In the example terminaoe, the center of gravity G of the object is shown axially offset with respect to the center of the rectangle by which the object has been diagrammatically A: Figure 14A represents a contrario what would happen in the absence of such a flexible washer. The presence of a flexible washer distribution induced against a stress distribution whose resultant is then offset from the center of gravity than a distance d Figure 14B much lower than R in the case of a point contact on the periphery of the thrust zone.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 13 characterised in that the ejector rod comprises at its free end a centring peg 33 entering the front centring central area 14 at the bottom of the recess in the object projecting relative to an annular bearing surface 61 bearing against the bearing area 52 at the bottom of the recess. Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 6 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same thickness measured transversely to said respective diameters and the same height measured parallel to said predetermined direction.

The main consequences are: Initially, there is tensile failure of the two upper legs of the link break of cardan type, and secondly, the object is set speed.

The object is then simply screwed on this subset to the abutment located at the thread root without prestressing. It must meet a high positioning accuracy on between these two parts combined with a simple link ensuring reliable operation x implementation. DE Date of ref document: Kind code of ref document: If the perpendicularity of the thrust axis and the bearing face of the stop on the subject at the stroke end is not rigorous, there is the end of travel tilting of w ejector piston which transforms a part of its longitudinal kinetic energy fours energy of transverse rotation.