Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility [Ellen J. Langer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If we could turn back the. As Harvard social psychologist Ellen Langer discovered in her now famous “ Counterclockwise” study, the key is the human mind. In the ‘s, Langer and her. For more than thirty years, award-winning social psychologist Ellen Langer has studied this provocative question, and now, in Counterclockwise, she presents.

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Apparently, this may be due to the different ways our brains interpret an imminent barrier as opposed to an imminent opportunity. I heard the author on the Talk IQ On Being program hosted by Krista Tippet–an excellent show btw–and was impressed enough to buy the book.

Take a brilliant, creative social scientist, without any respect for conventional wisdom and you get Ellen Langer. The research is old I heard the author on the Lanter IQ On Being program hosted by Krista Tippet–an excellent show btw–and was impressed enough to counterclocckwise the book. I think this will be helpful as my parents age in how I treat them, and will make me rethink certain habits and mindsets as I age.

For example, reading an eye chart from top to bottom causes people to be able to read fewer lines than if it were reorganized so that they were kanger trying to read small letters and working up to bigger ones. I listened to this as an audiobook. For example, many older people have arthritic conditions, and struggle getting out of car seats, sideways my hand is up, here ; so why don’t car manufacturers mak The subtitle of the paperback version of this book, ‘A proven way to think yourself younger and healthier’ makes it sound a bit happy-clappy, airy-fairy, ‘manifest-me-a-new-body sort of thing; but actually, it’s full of interesting suggestions for the ways in we, as individuals, and as a society, can improve our experience of ageing.


I don’t think that Langer’s writing style is the most gripping but I appreciate the information that this book has to offer and I think it can begin a conversation that we can have with ourselves around age and how we choose to engage with it. We might not actually be able to turn the clock back – but maybe we can encourage it to run a bit slower The gist of this book is that word choices in speech and written material, choices in decision making, or even slight changes in counterclockwiss physical environment can improve health and well-being.

Ellen Langer: Counterclockwise

This book inspired me and made me think. Oct 28, Laura Engle rated it liked it. Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life July 14, A group of resear My friend Brad gave me this book as a gift. Post testing revealed greater improvement for the target group, not only on physiological measures height, weight, gait, and posturebut lqnger improvement on IQ tests, and even differences in pre and post-test facial photographs. Quotes from Counter Clockwise So I think that people would recognize that it’s enjoyable rather than taxing.

Her research has demonstrated that by actively noticing new things—the essence of mindfulness—health, well being, and competence follow. I haven’t read widely about “mindfulness” and “flow,” though, so maybe I’m just missing something. But it mattered enormously because when people see that they have a chronic illness, they believe that there’s nothing they can do about it. I think this will be helpful as I read this for a class on ministry to seniors.

It had an interesting perspective. I heard about this book when the author did a recent interview on NPR. You will walk away with a greater appreciation for your health and your ability to have a greater control counferclockwise it.

Thinking ‘Counter Clockwise’ To Beat Stress Psychologist Ellen Langer has spent 30 years researching mindfulness, which she describes as the process of letting go of preconceived notions and acting on new observations. There are increasing levels of bullshit that are affecting our quality of life, and this book is one tool that could assist you with making better sense out of a puzzling overload of information.


Perhaps I would have better luck for information on the study in a medical journal. It is the deliberate nature of mindfulness that makes its potential so enormous. Aug 24, Carolyn Rose rated it it was amazing. Ocunterclockwise, Brad, for helping me to fill my toolbox.

Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility

Enjoyed it, appreciated the new insight Please leave room in my criticism for the fact that I am a ‘traditional’ scientist who likes to see studies clearly, and unambiguosly answer a hypothesis. Trivia About Counter Clockwise So that was interesting, yes, and Langer cites all kinds of interesting psychological studies. I have always done a lot of research, personally, and it has paid off in a huge way.

Her research makes clear that actively noticing new things is literally or figuratively enlivening.

Thinking ‘Counter Clockwise’ To Beat Stress

Hardcoverpages. Ellen Langer has demonstrated repeatedly how our limits are of our own making. This is timely since we do have an aging population that is quite different from past genrrstions–healthier, more physically fit, much more active for years longer, and better educated.

Immensely readable and riveting, Counterclockwise offers a countetclockwise and bold new paradigm: Refresh and try again. I was curious to know more about the “counterclockwise” experiment Langer ran — bringing elderly men together, prompting them to act like it was still the 50s, and then finding that their physical health improved after the experiment.