Concentration. Mouni Sadhu. 3. PREFACE. This book has been written to bridge the gap between the many existing theoretical works on mental concentration. Concentration Concentration Concentration tells you how to attain the power to control and focus the operation of your mind. In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the. Title, Concentration Mandala Books. Author, Mouni Sadhu. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Mandala Books, Original from, the University of California. Digitized.

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The student had best decide this for himself, and it should not prove difficult if he has been attentively reading this chapter.

Having read this chapter, you are in a position to analyse and decide for yourself whether or not you are ripe enough. The then governor was hopelessly bed-ridden with paralysed limbs and at the time, according to the doctors, death was only a few weeks distant. Just as the attitude of the student is of first-class importance to success, so the duty of the author is to help his readers, without allowing any good approach to be spoiled by his lack of personal experience.

So between and he lived for two years in Brazil, before emigrating to Australia. But then, what of a full bottle without any label. There were also other things achieved by this simple practice, but stimulation of the will-power was one of the most important. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hafiz Syed expressed it clearly and concisely in his Foreword to ‘In Days of Great Peace’ saying of Mouni Sadhu, “As an earnest seeker he pursued several methods of God realization as taught by various schools of Yoga, occultism and mysticism and finally came to his supreme Master and Guru, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi who finding him well equipped with the necessary qualifications It is wrong of course.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Quite a few of the latter would be very suitable for our Eastern brothers who are trying to follow the same way. Later you will also see, that the most enlightenment, inner peace and joy come to you when your feverish thinking is reduced to the minimum. However, the reverse of this, i. If God is the only possible, and hence self-contained existence, embracing all and everything, penetrating the wholeness of manifestation like the ether of the ancient philosophers, then His reflections and rays must of necessity participate in Him.


To resume, the Eastern methods of concentration are based firstly on the mind’s domination and secondly on the purification of the heart. It is essential that you curb the excessive curiosity of your mind for at least the short periods when you are working for perennial instead of mortal and ephemeral things.

The result is that I am unable to stop the unnecessary and persistent thoughts in order to begin sadju on my fifteen minutes of exercises. It is the state of dream during sleep, in which we still have the idea of ‘I’ and ‘Non-I’ or ‘I’ and all the ‘other things’ that constitute the physical world. In Days of Great Peace and Concentration.

And often, some of them cherish the belief that the very fact of belonging to different ‘occult and initiatory’ organizations, puts them in a better position to grasp the ripe fruit of success which they imagine will fall into their hands without too much toil from their side. None of his contemporaries were able to stand the burden of aggressive evil, so frequently demonstrated in the Saint’s presence, and so his cave was a lonely place in the desert.

By the foregoing remarks I want to underline the involuntary character of most psychic occurrences. Many of us have had ‘presentiments’ of events far ahead in time, which were later fulfilled; had ‘intuitional’ knowledge of 51 Concentration The Western Tradition Heart before Mind another person’s thoughts, and experienced strange dreams which later proved to be a hint for one’s most intimate inner world.

Concentration : An Outline for Practical Study

Talking only wastes your will-power and greatly impedes the success of exercises. Whoever claims the opposite, is deceiving himself, or as more often happens—others.

One person may pray about material advantages, another about the welfare of his closest relatives or for the relief of sickness and so on.

For example, it could be used in conjunction with No. Why concentratioh ask your mind here and now, Which of You is Boss? He kindly recommended his own monastery. After all, books are for us usually only crystallized stores of borrowed thoughts created by other men and not mounk of use to us since so frequently offering only fiction or near-fiction in all fields of literature, which can hardly help an earnest seeker.

Concentration : Mouni Sadhu :

This work may prove useful for two types of men: What is true prayer? Such meditations have as aims, elevated or ecstatic ideas, visualizations, development of definite virtues, etc. When I studied the lives of the first and later Christian saints of the Egyptian desert, the caves cincentration Anatolia, the catacombs of Rome, and the monasteries of Kiev and Western Europe, I reached the firm conviction that Western adepts knew as much, if not more about the value of a one-pointed mind in miuni achievement, than their Eastern brothers.


It is basically a lack of faith in man’s own inner strength and value. Even considerable pressure exerted on an unsharpened pencil will not produce a neat hole.

Quite logically, Sri Maharshi ascribes every evil and all misery to the primary ignorance i. Perhaps it would be better to use the term ‘awakening’, but who are we to change clncentration tradition of almost 1, years?

Mouni Sadhu

In particular, it is hoped that the concemtration in Part III will serve for this purpose. A man cannot derive much profit from a work, which apart from the really necessary exercises and useful instructions, does not form a harmonious whole, controlling his development and leading the student from the simple to the advanced exercises, while the mass of theoretical material is spread throughout the rest of the text.

For the near agnostic who wants to rule his mental powers for the improvement of his status and conditions. Now, knowing something about the different states of consciousness in man, the student will gain another step to the understanding of the aims and methods of concentration.

Moreover, the curious thoughts of those who know about your efforts will persecute you and only add to your burden of trying to destroy unwanted thoughts.

I had read so many descriptions by pupils who were clever in classifying the qualities and teachings of their Masters, that I should have known at least in theory, what may be expected in the presence of one of Them.

No eBook available Amazon. I came across an interesting video on the website Ted Talks. Larry Paseornek rated it it was amazing Dec 21, If these are mastered, then the fourth series should be performed without great hardship.

The writer agrees with this opinion. Olcott- and the mysterious and powerful personality of Madame Blavatskycould not be disregarded. This book will test your will power but what you gain is worth the work you put in to it. The proper employment of the mind is our first aim.