Safety Glazing Compliance Testing Per CMVSS General Motors of Canada Ltd., Vehicles, Duplate Canada Ltd., Flat Tempered Safety Glass Type As-. Glazing Compliance Testing Per CMVSS General Motors of Canada: Lumina APV Chevrolet: AS1-DOT. Front Cover. Canada. Transport Canada. Surface. Safety Glazing Compliance Testing Per CMVSS Chrysler Canada Ltd.: Laminated Curved AS Dot Front Cover. Canada. Transport Canada. Surface.

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The Director of the Federal Register approved the material incorporated by reference in accordance with 5 U. As this amendment does not include any new requirements, it has been completed without a prepublication for consultation. This amendment maintains the current Canadian requirement, which is harmonized with the U.

This standard applies to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, slide-in campers, pickup covers designed to carry persons while in motion, and low speed vehicles, and to glazing materials for use in those vehicles.

Small business lens The small business lens does not apply to this amendment, as there are no costs or insignificant costs on small business. The Department also consults regularly, in face-to-face meetings or teleconferences, with the automotive industry, public safety organizations, the provinces, and the territories.

The purpose of this standard is to reduce injuries resulting from impact to glazing surfaces, to ensure a necessary degree of transparency in motor vehicle windows for driver visibility, and to minimize the possibility of cmmvss being thrown c,vss the vehicle windows in collisions.

If the odometer or trip odometer is not adjacent to the speedometer or switches between kilometres and miles independently of the speedometer, the odometer or trip odometer shall display distances in kilometres or miles and shall identify the unit of measure used.


The small business lens does not apply to this amendment, as there are no costs or insignificant costs on small business. The requirements of these two standards are closely aligned. This gives them the opportunity to comment on these changes by letter or email. These three UN regulations are already highly aligned with current Canadian standards; however, manufacturers currently need to meet both standards to certify vehicles in both markets.

This amendment satisfies the negotiated terms of the CETA and ensures that all existing references to UN regulations and European standards are up to date.

InterRegs: CMVSS | Canada

The Department also meets regularly with the federal authorities of other countries. Shade band areas for windshields shall comply with SAE J, rev. Slide-in camper means a camper having a roof, floor, and sides, designed to be mounted on and removable from the cargo area of a truck by the user. As a result, there is growing pressure to align Canadian motor vehicle safety regulations with those of the United States, as well as with those of countries outside of North America.

More details regarding the CETA, including the cooperation in the field of motor vehicle regulations, can be found at http: Glass-plastic glazing material means a laminate of one or more layers of glass and one or more layers of plastic in which a plastic surface of the glazing faces inward when the glazing is installed in a vehicle.

Motor home means a multipurpose passenger vehicle that provides living accommodations for persons. At 67 FRDec. When a UN GTR is incorporated into the national safety regulations of individual contracting parties, it may be adapted to fit local needs and policies. Harmonized regulations are key to trade and to a competitive Canadian automotive industry. Both the UN and current Canadian standards include exceptions to the requirement that the ESC system must return to its default state at the initiation of a new ignition cycle.


Even though there are editorial changes, the technical requirements remain the same, thus the reference is being updated.

Only the option of using the double integration method for determining lateral displacement would be accepted. Bullet resistant shield means a shield or barrier that is installed completely inside a dmvss vehicle behind and separate from glazing materials that independently comply with the requirements of this standard.

Digital speedometers that switch between kilometres per hour and miles per hour are permitted if the unit of measure is identified. This standard specifies requirements for glazing materials for use in motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment. For motor vehicles and glazing equipment manufactured before September 1,the manufacturer may, at its option, comply with 49 CFR Prime glazing manufacturer means a manufacturer that fabricates, laminates, or tempers glazing materials.

June 95 is incorporated by reference in Section S5.

These consultations were open to all stakeholders and groups. Only the tires installed on the vehicle at the time of initial vehicle sale may be used for testing.

Vol. 151, No. 9 — May 3, 2017

However, if there is insufficient space cmvas display the words or abbreviations identifying the ignition, tachometer or fuel tank shutoff valve in both official languages in a readily visible manner, they may be displayed in one official language only.

This caused confusion as it was expected that the UN Regulations cmsvs just for use by European countries. Each of the UN regulations forms a treaty that the contracting party is obligated to introduce if it has a desire for mutual recognition of conformity testing.

United Nations Regulation No. A copy of SAE J, rev.