R&S®CMU Universal Radio Communication Tester. Version after 30 days of operation. ±2 × 10–7/year . manual mode. dB. throughout this manual, CMU and CMU is generally used as an abbreviation for the The present operating manual for R&S CMU / R&S CMU CMU User Manual R&S English – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Atec R-S-CMU User Manual | Page 4 / 48 | Original mode

Please enter the characters shown in the image. To enable us to optimize our website for you, cookies may be saved on your computer when you visit our website in order to analyze website browsing habits. If preferred, you can also output only a summary of the test.

In addition, the user-friendly graphical display makes it easy to work with the test configuration without requiring in-depth technical knowledge. Speed Get your mobile on the fast lane.

The CMU is discussed often in the eevblog forum. We are sure only highest speed, accuracy and modularity should be good enough for your mobile: Frequency and level compensation Accuracy over whole frequency and dynamic range Real time temperature correction. We will get in touch with you soon. The uset is dimmed around the edge presumably from curling of reflector around fluro tube. More Information Accept X. Certainly a lot of features. Hey all I am considering buying a cmu Does anybody know if you can make a phase measurement with this instrument.


My machine while replacing HDD, yes that is it on the top. They can be bought on eBay and other places often for a very reasonable sum.

Amps specifications – mobile station test, Rf generator, Rf analyzer – Atec R-S-CMU200 User Manual

This declaration of consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending an email with the subject “Unsubscribe” to yser rohde-schwarz. It has a spectrum analyser, RF generator, RF power measurement and with the option, an audio test set. Dhameliya Harkishan 20 November at I need to measure gain and phase for antenna OTA measurement.

Multiprocessor technology Highspeed remote processing Parallel measurements. It can also be done with a noise source or an external tracking generator. Email confirmation Do not enter data in this field. Your request was successfully sent!

Spectrum measurements | Atec R-S-CMU User Manual | Page 36 / 48 | Original mode

Key Facts Extremely high-speed testing Highly accurate measurements Modular future-proof design Comprehensive spectrum analyzer. Modularity Making all mobiles happy. The input was not correct. Half the fun is learning all the features. Accuracy Making your mobile excellent. Yes, they are a great bit of gear. How could you ever be disappointed with a rohde-schwarz.

While the CMU is primarily designed for testing now obsolete mobile phone equipment, it can be used for working with analog radio. If no special requirements for tolerances exist, the software cju200 the tolerances defined in the specification.


Cmu-b41 audio generator/analyzer option, Af generator, Af analyzer – Atec R-S-CMU200 User Manual

Furthermore, test reports can be configured to be automatically saved cmu20 a file server with a possible database link, or they can be exported in other conventional data formats such as XML. Userr HW and SW platform as you never know what’s tomorrows needs Highest processing power and innovative measurement concepts to speed up your production Most accurate measurements due to excellent HW and SW design to guarantee for highest production yield. Jesper Friis Brahe 12 November at Realtime correction for environments around uzer world.

What does this mean in detail? Dr Andrew Drew Wollin 11 July at Please note the following successor product s:. Part of the point of the blog post is to document things so I can find them again. Looks like you’re from the United States.

Implementing your ideas Innovative measurement concepts Supporting your need 4 speed. Newer Post Older Post Home. Dennis Romo 11 July at Further details on the use of personal data and the withdrawal procedure are set out in the Statement of Privacy.