As the end of the year is fast approaching, the IFF wishes to remind all floorball players that the List of Prohibited Substances and. gada Vašingtonas konvencija par starptautisko tirdzniecību ar .. medību trofejas) un gadā, un gadā CITES Sekretariāta un . Hylina predavanja: “HLADNOKRVNA EKSPLOATACIJA – prekogranični promet i trgovina gmazovima i CITES konvencija”. Public. · Hosted by Udruga Hyla.

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Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

If the dispute can not be konvecnija in accordance with paragraph 1 of this Article, the Parties may, by mutual consent, submit the dispute to arbitration, in particular that of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague, and the Parties submitting the dispute shall be bound by the arbitral decision.

At meetings, whether regular or extraordinary, the Parties shall review the implementation of the present Convention and may:. Any State may, on depositing its instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, enter a specific reservation with regard to: The Secretariat, when informed of an infraction by a Party, will notify all other parties.

Includes generic synonym Simias. Government of the Swiss Confederation. The text of the proposed amendment shall be communicated to the Secretariat at least days before the meeting. The following provisions shall apply in relation to amendments to Appendices I and II between meetings of the Conference of the Parties:.

Trust Fund money is not available to Parties to improve implementation or compliance. Each Party shall designate for the purposes of the present Convention:.

Formerly included as Bubalus bubalis domesticated form. Formerly included as Euplectes orix in part. The re-export of any specimen of a species included in Appendix I shall require the prior grant and presentation of a re-export certificate. The following provisions shall apply in relation to amendments to Appendices I and II between meetings konvenciha the Conference of the Parties:.

Includes generic synonym Coendou.

CITES – Wikipedia

Until such reservation is withdrawn the Party shall be treated as a State not a Party to the present Convention with respect to trade in the species concerned. Also referenced as Constrictor constrictor occidentalis. Also referenced as Crax pauxi.


Each permit or certificate shall contain the title of the present Cktes, the name and any identifying stamp of the Management Authority granting it and a control number assigned by the Management Authority. In their instruments of accession, such organizations shall declare the dites of their competence with respect to the matters governed by the Convention.

Thus field protection may be the primary mechanism that saved the population, but it is likely that field protection would not have been increased without CITES protection. Formerly included in Podocnemis spp. Any body or agency technically qualified in protection, conservation or management of wild fauna and flora, in the following categories, which has informed the Secretariat of its desire to be represented at meetings of the Conference by observers, shall be admitted unless at least one-third of the Parties present object:.

Where export or re-export is to, or import is from, a State not a Party to the present Convention, comparable documentation issued by the competent authorities in that State which substantially conforms with the requirements of the present Convention for permits and certificates may be accepted in lieu thereof by any Party.

Populations of Bhutan, China, Mexico and Mongolia.

Where a Management Authority of the State of export or re-export is satisfied that a specimen was acquired before the provisions of the present Convention applied to that specimen, the provisions of Articles III, IV and V shall not apply to that specimen where the Management Authority issues a certificate to that effect. Also referenced as Chondrohierax wilsonii.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora | CITES

Retrieved 24 February Formerly included in family Lemuridae. Whenever a Scientific Authority determines that the export of specimens of any such species should be limited in order to maintain that species throughout its range at a level consistent with its role in the ecosystems in which it occurs and well above the level at which that species might become eligible for inclusion ciites Appendix I, the Scientific Authority shall advise the appropriate Management Authority of suitable measures to be taken to limit the grant of export permits for specimens of that species.


The information provided by the Party or resulting from any inquiry as specified in paragraph 2 of this Article shall be reviewed by the next Conference of the Parties which may make whatever recommendations it deems appropriate. The withdrawal shall take effect 30 days after the date of such communication. Includes generic synonym Novibos.

2019 List of Prohibited substances and methods

II pants Pamatprincipi 1. Formerly included as Treron australis in part.

CITES works by subjecting international trade in specimens of selected species to certain controls. A Scientific Authority in each Party shall monitor both the export oonvencija granted by that State for specimens of species included in Appendix II and the actual exports of such specimens. Also referenced as Ploceus superciliosus. At meetings, whether regular or extraordinary, the Parties shall review the implementation of the present Convention and may: Once admitted, these observers shall have the right to participate but not to vote.

Trade with non-Party states is allowed, although permits and certificates are recommended to be issued by exporters and sought by importers. The provisions of Articles III, IV and V shall not knvencija to the non-commercial loan, donation or exchange between komvencija or scientific institutions registered by a Management Authority of their State, of herbarium specimens, other preserved, dried or embedded museum specimens, and live plant material which carry a label issued or approved by a Management Authority.

Formerly included in genus Papio. Also referenced as Aonyx microdon or Paraonyx microdon. During the period of 90 days provided for by subparagraph c of paragraph 1 konvenncija sub-paragraph l of paragraph 2 of this Article any Party may by notification in writing to the Depositary Government make a reservation with respect to the amendment.