Master Chu Shong Tin was born in in the Kwong-tung Province of Mainland China. In November , he left China and settled in Hong Kong. During. This is Master Chu Song Tin’s last book. It comes in two volumes, and this is the first (published in ). The second was published in The book covers. Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (Sigung Chu) was a closed door student of the legendary Yip Man who took Wing Chun Kung Fu to Hong Kong in

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About Chu Shong Tin | 徐尚田詠春同學會 Chu Shong Tin Ving Tsun Alumni

I have been bound by Wing Chun for my whole life, but I have no regrets. However, this explanation lacks an understanding of Bong Sau.

The springy force on the feet that help the person land safely is a direct result of relax muscles and nim lik. From then on I lived together with Ip for as long as five years. Thus we echoed in sharing and felt close to each other.

Grandmaster Ip Man is the second from the left of the front row; the first from the right of the back row is Master Chu Shong Tin. I am sure most of my peers have also heard about this term.

This would apply to the scenario where a statically posted Bong Sau is being used to block attacks. It so happened that I had great interest in physics and mechanics; I enjoyed his theories on body structure and power development methods very much.


The crowd of more than ten people marched to the hut — stones were hailed non-stop, the banging sound echoed unceasingly, backdropping the shouts to Li that Ip wanted to see him. Lok Yiu cnu Cantonesemy two yin in Wing Chun learning, also substantiated by my growing knowledge in Wing Chun, I at last devoted myself to becoming a formal disciple of Ip.

Ip said the night walks could help one fall asleep. The disciple took up the task, but reluctantly — he went away for more than an hour.

In the late s, he began to teach privately, setting up his own school in Kowloon in These three techniques take the shape of arcs or bows.

He did have a habit, though, the habit that I mostly hesitated to accompany him to enjoy: Chu Shong Tin – 29th shogn July Everyone should have this kind of power. Sometimes we would prepare meals on our own.

Although I had been his disciple and lived together with him for years, song did not even allow me to take care of his laundry. There we sat down to rest for about half an hour before returning. For any enquiry, please call The two men spent a day together during which Sigung Chu developed an admiration for his new friend and his deep understanding and commitment to Wing Chun.

Each movement in Siu Nim Tau, inspired by this efficient arc-like structure, and when combined with nim lik, becomes extremely powerful defensive and offensive techniques. It is shaped like a duck. Site Designed by Digital Penguin.


Wing Chun United – Chu Shong Tin – The Hidden Power Of Siu Nim Tao

After a long time, I began to see the connection between yin nim and the form. He seldom expressed grief and sadness except when occasionally thinking of his family during Chinese festivals. He continued to train Sifu Jim when he returned to Hong Kong during his years as a student in Australia and later. It is shaped like a duck. Practice with mind focus and steady speed. In later years Ip planned to retire, freeing himself from laborious routines. All of us dispersed like the wind, leaving Li caught between tears and laughter.

Once Ip asked a disciple a worker of the Union at that time to buy some fresh-cut tobacco for him. I have been bound by Wing Chun for my whole life, but I have no regrets.

Sigung Chu Shong Tin

From then on Ip was coined the Naughty Old Man. Gradually I discovered some powerful but hidden forces within each Siu Nim Tau movement. All the movements are indeed able to deliver indestructible power, yet they look very soft and graceful.