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Stocks, financials, currencies, energies, metals, grains, and softs. I also went long 2 ES. The trend is strongly down in this market. I got out of my crude contract for a loss at I sold 2 contracts of bonds at Having a professional to guide me is what gospin me to grow my account very fast. Thanks for starting this journal.

F H Chick Goslin

This is a very volatile market which requires wider stops than normal. First we are buying on a possible dip. I am shorting sugar today. I also share a similar idea on the RE market MY APPROACH Trade the markets as best as I can by using and anticipating my technical indicators which are merely indicators of price action over different spans of time Any other indicator is acceptable to use, but must be weighted correctly in how much of a factor it is in the decision making process.

I usually don’t trade dhick heavy. Read the book and liked it gosllin well. Be meager with withdrawals. This is a 16 day average of the SL. I expect more on the downside. Ask any questions and I will answer. I am seeing this gosli crude oil now. This line take the last 3 days of price average and compares it against the last 10 day average of price.


Hi AshanD, How do you exit your trades? I am waiting for the price and SL to dip a little and then long it. Despite price being on highs cocoa looks attractive for the long side. Looking forward to your journal.

ZB performed negatively today. Basically the trend supports this trade but the ML does not.

My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal | Elite Trader

The losses I “want” to have will not hit the stops but be exited manually by me the next day. Trade on as little emotion as possible. Chick stopped his letter Chck early March. Yen did not catch my limit order yesterday but I shorted it today at 9. This would set up the picture to be quite positive because it could start a series of higher lows and highs in the SL like a step ladder for short term price energy as well as pull up the ML, which is the medium term price energy indicator.

Intermediate term pressure as seen through the ML is the second most chikc, with short term pressure being the least important. The idea is to trigger the buy stop effectively an entry order only if the price momentum is shooting up and hopefully the momentum will be enough to catch the sell limit to exit with quick profits.


My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal

I don’t care about private jets or trying to be some Donald Trump type No, create an account now. I will try not to clutter up your journal, but I will most definitely follow along and maybe add a few comments here and there since we both share similar backgrounds as far as trading methods.

This trade is a bit complicated and i would not have done it myself but after talking to Chick Goslin today I have decided this to be a good trade. I liked Goslin book but do not remember anyone discussing it on ET before. My limit order for cocoa did not hit. No black boxing here, it requires a brain to analyze what the indicators are saying.

We’ll see what happens. I am shortign this market because bot the trend and ML are down.

I am trying to dump the crude oil contract, limit Short copper, trying to short bonds Long stocks Trying to dump crude oil at a loss. Timing moves is much easier said than done. Can you post a screen shot? Hello, My name is Ashan and this is will be a snippet of my toslin trading journal, mainly the trades I make and why.