Charlotte Temple has ratings and reviews. karen said: this book is baaaaaad. it is melodramatic and sentimental and full of woe is me and what. With an Introduction by Jane Smiley First published in America in , Charlotte Temple took the country by storm—in fact, it was this nation’s. Rowson’s tale of a young girl who elopes to the United States only to be abandoned by her fiancĂ© was once the bestselling novel in American.

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Oct 18, Rebekah rated it really liked it. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Charlotte Temple. The characters are not even two-dimensional, the narrative arrangement is unbearably tendentious, the narrator constantly hectors the reader, the action is devoid of enlivening imagery, and the orwson is plain to the point of non-existence. No woman can be run away with contrary to her own inclination; then kneel own each morning and suswnna high heaven to keep you free from temptation.

Charlotte Temple and Lucy Temple

For it’s time, it was revolutionary. Similarly, in her preface to this Modern Library edition, Jane Smiley distinctly implies that those who dislike Charlotte Temple are akin to her male classmates at Yale in the s who challenged her to name one great female American novelist. And then must see him again, in order charlohte tell him that she will not see him: One, which is also very interesting, is that by doing so she was able to “preach” to her audience, which women couldn’t do in Puritan society.

In Susanna Rowsons day, this was a book of literary genius. Essentially the take-away here is that young women are run by their fancies and temptations. I also loved how the morals of her story are still a much talked about issue in our present day.


So many terrible things happen that I had a hard time believing someone could have that much bad luck. The “Norton Anthology” from which I read this piece had an introduction in which they explained that Ms. For example, I would give this book five sensible tears for being a spectacularly enjoyable piece of sentimental fiction.

Charlotte Temple – Wikipedia

Two, written by a woman who was also a writer of plays, music, textbooks. Mademoiselle La Rue had herself eloped from a convent with a young officer and “possessed too much of the spirit of intrigue to remain long without adventures. And great day in the morning, must all the characters be Alas and alack!

Dec 17, Madeline Price rated it liked it. While roqson the other hand, the completely amoral Mlle. It serves as a vehicle for understanding 18th century morals and gender codes as well as a document in the evolution of American print culture. Quite disappointing for a female lead.

Her nefarious deed at the beginning of the tale was to encourage the protagonist to read a letter written by a potential love-interest without having her mother read tmple first. Several times in the course of the day, she indulged herself in reading over the letter, and each time she read it, the contents sunk deeper in her heart.

Charlotte Temple, by Susanna Rowson

I will say that while I didn’t love this book written in the late sI didn’t hate it either. Rowson’s text is far less subversive than, say, Kate Chopin or Jane Austen, but it’s worth reading nonetheless. I am she who turned poor Charlotte out to perish in the street. She attempted to arise as they approached, but from extreme weakness was unable, and after several fruitless efforts, fell back in a fit. It falls under the lost genre of seduction tales, which were popular at the time for teaching young girls about chastity and all those good lessons.

Charlotte Temple and Lucy Temple by Susanna Rowson | : Books

With its classic theme of seduction and remorse, it sparked a great deal of controversy in its time. I liked this novel. I have been a writer too long. See all 15 reviews. He opened the door, and the first object that met his eyes was Charlotte asleep on the bed, and Belcour by her side.


I wouldn’t have read this unless I was in a class about end-of-century American lit from the eighteenth through the twentieth century, but it was an interesting experience outside of my comfort zone. Temple in a London doorway, separated from her husband, living in poverty, and repentant for her involvement in Charlotte’s downfall.

The Seduction Novel of the Early Nation: Apr 19, Lina rated it it was ok Shelves: America’s first bestseller, according to my prof.

Montraville chwrlotte with pleasure he was not indifferent to her, but a spark of honour which animated his bosom would not suffer him to take advantage of her partiality. A cute British soldier comes along and convinces her to elop I liked this book for several reasons.

She isn’t even strong enough rpwson go look for her daughter in the States. To resort to the old cliche, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

Montraville was tender, ardent, and yet respectful, we are told, and we wonder just how he managed to be so: In finality, the historical significance of this book is indeed priceless. Men only want one thing guess what it is! In saying this, for the gowson value – incessant fainting, damsel in distress, mankind and its vices, bastard child and death – Rowson deserves a four.

First published in England in as Charlotte: