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By the s, American retailers, most notably Walmartwere expanding into Canada, and Eaton’s found it increasingly difficult to compete. Some Hammsr residents associate xatalogo heritage building with the Spencer’s Department Store which commissioned the construction of the storerather than Eaton’s which bought Spencer’s in and occupied the store until the s.

The Toronto statue is now exhibited in the Royal Ontario Museum. Eaton’s Defunct department stores Defunct retail companies of Canada Department stores of Canada Manufactured home manufacturers Companies based in Toronto Retail companies established in Retail hamjer disestablished in establishments in Ontario disestablishments in Ontario disestablishments in Canada Companies that have filed for bankruptcy in Canada.

Designed in the style of the s and intended at that time to be a statement of Eaton’s dominance and its future aspirations, the modern design of this behemoth has not aged well despite efforts by Sears Canada in to improve the look of the building facades.

The first parade took place on December 2, The new store boasted the biggest plate-glass windows in Toronto, the first electric lights in any Canadian hammee, three full floors of retail space featuring 35 departments, and a lightwell that ran the full-length of the store.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

By the s, the Toronto parade was the largest in North America, stretching for a mile and a half and involving thousands of participants. The Toronto Eaton Centre is a tourist attraction in Toronto, with over one million visitors a week. The Hudson’s Bay Company filed a lawsuit saying that Kosich had violated his employment contract. Poor management by the last two generations of Eaton family members to run the chain contributed to the demise of Eaton’s.


It was broadcast live on radio and television in Canada, and CBS television in the United States broadcast the parade for a number of years.

The Horizon chain was closed in Eaton’s leaves an architectural legacy, primarily through the work of the architecture firm Ross and Macdonald.

Many Canadians were in shock. It served an important economic role, as it broke local monopolies and allowed all Canadians access to the prices and selection enjoyed in some of the larger cities.

Literature | Eaton PowerSource

The seven-store experiment was not successful, and Sears Canada President Paul Walters was forced to resign. The store was closed on 17 Octoberalong with 36 other Eaton’s stores. Retrieved November 28, The end of the catalogue and of the Eaton’s Santa Claus parades, though being cost-saving measures, ensured Eaton’s no longer held the same place in Canadians’ hearts.

Catalogue order offices were also established throughout the country, with the first opening in Oakville in With the advent of urban sprawl, most Canadian downtown shopping districts which were historically dominated by Eaton’s had to increasingly share retail sales with growing suburban shopping areas, where Eaton’s was just one of many competitors.

The first Eaton’s catalogue was a page booklet issued in Timothy Eaton and his family were on hand for the opening of the second Eaton’s store, with the Winnipeg Daily Tribune noting in its front-page headline: In September of that year, creditors approved the restructuring plan. John Craig Eatonthe son of Timothy Eaton, became an early proponent of building a combined store and mail order operation in Winnipeg.


To publicize the parade, Eaton’s published a number of books and records about a sad little bear called Punkinhead originally created by Charles Thorson who becomes Santa’s sidekick and takes part in Santa’s parade.

The initial staff of grew to within a few weeks of the opening. Cutlee 21 March By cataloto, three more storeys were added to the store and other buildings were constructed. These spaces were subsequently taken over mainly by Holt Renfrew Calgary and Nordstrom in Ottawa, Vancouver, and downtown Toronto[14] though Sears Canada retained the top floors of the former Toronto Eaton Centre location for its head offices.

From Wikipedia, the cugler encyclopedia. People often rubbed the toe of the statue’s left shoe since it is believed by cataloo to bring good luck to do so. The store’s first telephone, with phone numberwas installed in Eaton’s acquired a city block on Portage Avenue at Donald Street, and the five-storey Eaton’s store opened to much fanfare on July 15, Eaton’s grew to become a retail and social institution in Canada, with stores across the country, buying-offices around the globe, and a catalogue that was found in the homes of most Canadians.

The chain finally folded in after operating for years. Despite this, plans to renovate and reopen the restaurant space were shelved and the site is slowly deteriorating.

Eaton’s had also sued HBC for poaching several of its executives. As Eaton’s grew, so did the catalogue. Retrieved from ” https: When the store was emptied in latevarious alternative uses for the building including residential condominiums were considered, and ultimately all rejected.