User review from denied about Carvin Legacy VL Head: Great lead amp with volume to spare. 2 channels, clean and lead – Controls for volume, treble, mid, bass per channel – Presence switch for clean channel – Drive and presence controls for drive. Hi there, Not sure i’m allowed to do this but i was just wondering if anyone on this forum from Brisbane, QLD would be interested in buying a.

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To know if I would do this legayc, I would really love at first sight on another head and it does not cost me euros more. As against gl100 2-channel, the receiver responds extremely well to lead attack, even the crunch becomes saturated if it exaggerates the scope of picks. There is no master volume control, so unless you have a place to run this guy full tilt, you are in trouble. Some think it lacks a master on the clean, but before saturating the clean and even like me with EMG 81 and 85 you have to play hard trs.

Great lead amp with volume to spare – Reviews Carvin Legacy VL Head – Audiofanzine

And more time in the bars I have to lower the general gmajor. The guitar sounded thick and chunky, no mean feat for a Tele, and even minor adjustments to phrasing produced drastic changes in tone. This is the type of sound I like, I do not like the boogie, peavey, engl, marshall, but I’m more with less high-medium, that is why I made this choice. Did you find this review helpful?


I play Rock mtal French, I like the sound enough but not too saturated, I prefer it has body and presence rather than the usual V-legalization.

legacj Make no mistake, this thing is LOUD. Though the Legacy sounds great on its own, it also sinks its teeth into effects like Homer Simpson scarfing shrimp at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

Legacy Carvin VL100 Steve Vai Tube Guitar Amp

Perfect for picked out clean parts. It really is just the perfect lead amp. It really is just the perfect lead amp.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience carvinn deliver our services. Legato techniques seem to bring out an almost wah-like quality, while complex chords sound huge and defined. Primary Menu Skip to content.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Perfect for picked out clean parts. Not satisfied with those reviews? Delays and reverbs sounded natural and clear, while wahs and phasers sounded chewy and lively.

Our members also liked: But the biggest surprise was just how much the Legacy loved my custom Telecaster with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder single coils. With the volume on 2, it was powerful enough to cut through the band with ease. To clean, I am not a specialist in me, as long as it does not saturate with my EMG and it’s pretty crystal for arpges fits me.


It literally does not go below wall shaking volumes. Carvin Legacy VL Head.

Log in Become a member. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. It c’tait for its saturated. I put the Legacy through its paces at a trio jam. I already jou of the transistor peavey, marshall I had my period rack with all the lights, line6 amp simulation, hybrid simulation line6 amp and power lamps, and finally I came back an all-tube head and this dernire which I prefer.

It has a surprising amount of gain on tap, sweet spot is around 7. Request a new review. Beyond that, hearing protection is a must. The lead channel is just pristine.

Very articulate, nuanced and harmonically rich. It was not for tomorrow. Potentiometer drive is about 8 of