I need to replace some tiles and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any files or pictures of scaled tiles to print out? Base game or expansions. Printable tuck boxes to keep Carcassonne expansion tiles separated. I was just wondering how many players who download the fan made tiles actually complete the job by placing them on Carcassonne tiles and.

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I should have prefaced with “correct at time of writing”.

I have many of the fan-expansions in my collection. Tuckbox in spanish for the 6 point counters.

Logged frankdux Freeman Posts: You will need Max 8 to open the file. There are a lot of fan-made expansions here. Guess it should work OK for these tiles Made with the help of the Carcassonne Central community, all tiles are original though since I made it two new expansions have come out that have included a couple of printabble I already made.

I have crafted mountains, Wells, roads to victory, fortune teller, trebuchet, easter bunny, seasons, by order of the King, mills and bakeries and have many on queue.

  JRC 7660 PDF

Add tags Tags separate by carcassone Remember to Post a Make! Split original 24 pages into four files for upload. Where to people print fan-made tiles? I’ve also made several of my own cards and added them to the pile when we play. You need a printer that is capable of printing with a margin of only 0,55cm around to keep the sizes of the tiles correct.

Wells – An almost necessary expansion that matches the use of pennants in cities with wells for road.

The Game of Carcassonne and the Parity Problem

I will not rest until Biblios is in the Top It’s pale colour and minimal grain makes the engraving really stand out. Carcassonne tiles made out of lasercut plywood Started by Paul. We wanted to keep the scoring track in a neutral location, accessible to everyone.

This file is native Illustrator format. Read our privacy carcasspnne.

Also, apologies to my editors for having basically spent the entire day playing games. Logged World record holder for a single game of Carcassonne using 10 tiles! My personal pick would be cards against humanitythough you would certainly need the right audience for that, so best wait until granny has gone home. The downloads are hit and miss when it comes to quality due carrcassonne image compression but if you search the rest of the forum you can find some original image files.


Want to add to the discussion? Clever mechanics mean quite a varied experience with just a few cards, as time cadcassonne the events on the cards change and are reshuffled.

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A full deck, and various rules can be downloaded here. It may be used on the tile being placed, or an adjacent tile. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is pirntable.

November 27, Dropbox is the perfect tool for keeping all your files in sync: Please login or register. CKorfmann on August 26, ,