The Capitation Grant has been introduced in Ghana in by the former NPP Government. It was introduced with the intention of facilitating the achievement of . fees abolition policy, the Capitation Grant (CG), to spur the attainment of universal access to the basic education goal under the Ghana Growth. Report by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) in Accra on Ms Hague said the Citizens’ Assessment of Ghana’s Capitation Grant .

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Similarly, parents considered the Capitation Grant to relieve them of fees and other expenses they incur.

Dzamboe opines that as a result of introduction of the Grant some authorities adopted the shift system where some students attend school in the morning while others come in the afternoon. When asked to suggest ways of improving the scheme, the following suggestions from open-ended questions were given by the respondents:.

Daily Graphic Updated on: Among the Sub- Saharan African countries to adopt this policy was Uganda in and with the introduction of this policy, the country experienced a robust increase of primary enrolment from 2.

This increase, although low, could be attributed to the Capitation Grant. The researchers obtained numerical data that were translated into frequency tables and percentages. Nevertheless, most African countries have started devoting substantial proportion of their incomes as well as their foreign aid to the education sector. From open-ended responses, the researchers gathered from respondents that the introduction of the capitation grant was being faced with the following problems:.

But it can be well argued that many educational policies and or programmes have always raised critical controversies and therefore, require research and serious lengthy public debates to arrive at what is appropriate and acceptable to the society in general to become good social policies. Any queries should be directed to the corresponding author of the article.


Available literature suggests that capitation grant, like any social intervention, would have some influence both negative and positive on education Denison, Angelina Tawiah, the Assistant Headmistress of the M.

1. Background and Context

Post a new thread. This meant children of school-going age who were not in school took advantage of the introduction of the scheme to go to school. The conclusion that can be drawn from the above frant is that more determined effort should be applied to train and orientate school authorities on responsibilities that come along with accessing the grant. Purposive, stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select participants, while questionnaire and documentary sources were used as instruments to gather information which was summarized statistically in percentages and analysed in themes.

Action Secondary Technical School.

A questionnaire was developed and used to obtain primary data while documents were used as secondary data. Even though this declined to less than two percent inthe gap widened again to nearly seven percentage points in Lack of attention in addressing this problem constitutes another policy challenge in terms of educational planning. The data indicate increased enrolment in all the schools sampled.

Capitatiion plausible explanation of this could be that, there were challenges with the disbursement of statutory funds for the Grant. This study therefore, seeks to answer the key question of how the Capitation Grant Scheme influenced education delivery and the attendant challenges in public basic schools in the Ga West Municipality in Ghana. It was therefore not surprising that majority of the participants saw an improvement in the provision of teaching and learning materials.

Capitation Grant – Schools in Ghana

Capitation is a payment of an equal amount of money to each person in the context of this research, for each basic school pupil. The main finding revealed that the introduction of the Capitation Grant Scheme was found to be very relevant and has led to an increase in enrolment in basic schools.


Some authorities have argued that the introduction of the policy in Ghana has contributed in getting more children ghaba schools. Findings of the study imply that the scheme will help more children who are not in school to be enrolled.

He also added his voice to the call on government to ensure that the various public basic schools receive their grants on time. Dzamboe acknowledges that every intervention or policy has its inherent challenges, hence, it is incumbent on the GES to organize workshops in coping with these challenges.

The gap between boys and girls in terms of NER has on average caapitation closing up. Capitation grant, Education delivery, Basic school, Policy, Scheme.

Table 1 shows the responses of teachers on how the introduction of the Capitation Grant affected the production and use of teaching and learning materials in capitxtion classes.

Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. The rationale for selecting the Ga West Municipality is that, it represents one of the municipality that was previously part of an existing district and lies in the peri-urban area, hence assuming some characteristics of both rural and urban centres. A combined score of ih A plausible explanation for the upward change in the pupil-teacher ratio could be the disproportionate enrolment ghnaa pupils to the number of teachers the government employed within the period of to Implicit here then is the belief that teaching and learning was therefore not effective.

Gross enrolment for primary education reached