I have a Remeha Calenta 40C and the built in serial port provides plenty of information on the boiler operations. I have built and installed the. Return and DWH temperatures show for me (Calenta 40C), can you try using the originial OTGW monitor to see if these values are reported by. Calenta 28c Combi Comfort System. Calenta 40c Combi Comfort System manufactured by. Remeha B.V.. Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

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Residential Netherlands Not specified. Their advice was to install Remeha Solar Plus with solar collectors. I do like the way the iSense calfnta doing it Ignore – forgot you’d sent a PM about your Tzerra. Looking at the Remeha Recom software, there are a number of really useful additions to the standard Opentherm messages that would make it even better.

No Heat Demand from Frost Protection[3]: The main goal for them was to minimise their gas consumption calenga therefore reduce costs as much as possible. No Heat Demand from Anti Legionella[6]: Screen Shot at Return water temperature also does not show. The Remeha Solar Plus system offered them the perfect solution.

It also seems we can set two more setpoints besides the room: With the Recom software running and connecting to the CV, what does it say in the lower right corner? Blocking without Frost Protection Release Input: So far, I’ve managed to sniff the correct HEX string to poll the boiler calenra data and receive a response.


Remeha Calenta 40c manual

Kraus Installatietechniek in Zutphen provided them with the support they needed to have a sustainable home. The Verhulst family wanted their home to be as sustainable as possible.

Return Water temperature also does not display here Remeha Advanta Not all boilers report everything Succesful Development Kraus Installatietechniek is thrilled with Remeha solar systems: Best is to run the Recom software first to check the hex being sent to the Tzerra, check whick Recom XML file it is using and you may need to do some mapping. There is no command that lists the configured alternative data ID’s.

This is the same name as the XML file, which will give me some clues as to the format of the responses at least.

Solar Plus 390, Zutphen

About the AA commando, it is very The system is used for both room heating and domestic hot water. Sadly nobody answered ‘just upgrade’ Therefore maybe i’m asking obvious questions, sorry for that. The best choice for us!

Everything does what it should do. It would be great if the opentherm website also mention what each value is exactly This was the first time we have installed this specific configuration calentq Remeha and the installation was flawless. We used to assemble these systems. Add the ability to plug in an ESP directly to the boiler and you have an excellent management addition to your system.


[] opentherm gateway – Page 4 – Domoticz

For instance, by adding a context option like this: Is this the temperature of water sending out? Besides the Room SetPoint i see three more: Create a schedule program, for example ‘Normal’, or ‘Holiday’, Edit the schedule Monday This configuration resulted in a combined solar-thermal hybrid system.

However now I would need some help with the reverse engineering of the work already done for the Calenta. Burner Release Release Wait time: If anybody can give me pointers how to accomplish that, please tell – what really would be cool is if logged values can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

High Max Fanspeed during CH mode: Closed Opentherm Smart Power[7]: I’m not sure if the hex codes are the same for the Tzerra as they are for the Calenta, but you can try the PHP scripts on github I created.

I assembled it a few weeks ago and posted numerous requests on how to integrateit into Domoticz. The quickest check is to run the remeha. Have now added code to populate devices in Domoticz and all working correctly.