Item 7 – 14 Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design For more information on this, see the Specman User Guide. a data coverage item selected, the ICCR GUI displays the Functional tab, as shown in Figure Graphical User Interface for Rule. Customization . Incisive Tools. ICCR. SpecView. Unified coverage visualization. Higher performance for. Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. ( Cadence) contained in this document are attributed to Cadence.

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If the specified directory does not exist, ncsim creates it, and if ncsim is unable to create it, an error is reported and coverage model is not saved.

If the user only monitors the failures of assertions, there can be a false sense of security, as far as this assertion is concerned because the failure count for this assertion is shown as 0. The Scripts Manager dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure on page Figure Select session The Select session dialog box lists the already compacted sessions. You define a covergroup using the covergroup construct. Pragma-based FSM extraction is applicable only for Verilog. To open the vPlan window from the Sessions or Runs window: This is the default mode of expression scoring.

Gguide can apply filtering from the Runs window: If necessary, install the EMGR release. The color code of the check meter in vPlan is as follows: All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. In that case, the scripts will not run at rerun.


Figure on page shows the Runs Analysis page. Yuide identifier matches Same set of valid bin values are present. For each of the runs, compare the time when the error occurred.

Figure Report Done This dialog box shows the location where the report is generated. By default, all the views are listed at one level. One bin range completely falls in gkide specified by ignore bin. The covergroup CG declared in program block test1 samples and tracks the covered input and output combinations.

Incisive vManager User Guide |

Select the view you want to move. Click the vPlan button in the Sessions or Runs window: Dynamic or static arrays of covergroup objects is not supported. If not specified, default will be used.

The following instance-based report displays the results with the new covergroup names.

Icc User Guide

Consider the following example, where the formal argument of the sample method is used as a coverpoint expression. With this command, scoring of statements is enabled, and the statement coverage information is also included in the block coverage report.

If the sampled value of any of the coverpoints specified in a cross guidw is ignored at a particular sampling event, the count of the corresponding cross bin will not be incremented as well. guidd

This invokes the Activity center and launches the Tests page, as shown in Figure on page Figure Filtering Data Ixcr filtering criteria This section covers the following topics: For example, the following wildcard bin definition results in “empty” bins. You can navigate through the location shown above, and then open the index. This can make it difficult to relate useg covergroup instances in the coverage report with the covergroup instances in the HDL.


In the case of multiple views, it is difficult to find the required view.

An error in a manual An omission of information in a manual A problem using the Cadence Help documentation system January 14 Product Version Figure on page guidw the updated rolled up values.

If the following testbench is given to the above FSM, incorrect coverage results are generated: It requires either a Desktop Manager or an Enterprise Manager license. The sequential block is a set of n flip-flops clocked by a single clock signal hence synchronous state machine. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Incisive Coverage User Guide |

The time taken to complete the session run may vary depending on the machine configuration and the number of runs within the session. The Save As View dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure on page For details on other options available in this page, see Configuring General Options on page For more details, see Project Tracking on page Click again to reverse the order.

In the following code, value 1 is repeated in the range list, and is scored in both bins: Incisive vManager User Guide Figure Runs Report Report name Report location List of sessions selected at the time of generating report List of runs The runs report shows information such as, who generated the report and when the report was generated.