The tremolo has become one of b.y.o.c.’s most popular kits through word of mouth. And with good difficulty of the build is low. Welcome to /r/DIYPedals! This is an open community for the do-it-yourself pedal builders of reddit! Please use this subreddit to share. Shop new and used tremolo and vibrato pedals on Reverb. One of the oldest and most beloved effects ever conceived, tremolo and vibrato pedals have stood.

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Mine jumps from fast to slow before a half turn. All of my pedals are elaborately finished. I think I may just have everything for this build except the Ck Would love to give it a go when I get some time.

Any suggestions on changes to mellow it down? Could this be modified? hyoc

LED is not blinking while engaged just lit up. No luck so far, have no audio. Any thoughts as to how to resolved?

Guitar FX Layouts: BYOC Tremolo

Also bear in mind that it is possible that it has nothing to do with the transistors at all, and it could be you have a cold solder joint somewhere. When depth knob is at maximum, the tremolo effect is far from what i could see on working clones on YT.

I tried to get the wife to make Warren cakes, but the kids wouldn’t leave the house. Paul Rowe 10 March at Ron Nord 5 May at Blogs Contributing Member Advanced Search. Hi, I’ve got a little bit of distortion when effect is engaged. I couldn’t find 2n, so I bought 2n Posted by IvIark at I connected the SW8 to ground via the output jack ground.


Is there any chart or other reference that details the gain of various similar transistors? I tried several from fairchild but no luck. Thanks to the guys that make this site possible. It is different from the normal offboard wiring method because it uses one pole of the switch to kill the LFO.

The thing that confuses me straight away is that you’re showing 6. I’ve compare your layout trdmolo the schematic on BYOC website and everything is correct. I put in a k C for a reverse log and it acted like a k A. LED solid on in either mode. I’ve played some “good” trems but whatever this one sounds great.

And the LED status light teemolo in time with the speed. By the way – thx for this blog! I’ve done almost 20 effect and 1st time have such tremolp. I’ve just been over it all again and I’m pretty confident the layout matches the schematic.

I went back and tried several other NPN types and found that 2n worked much better. Unknown 5 August at For what it’s worth, if you have an tube amp with FX loop, try this pedal in it. Good layout, but I can confirm as well that the Rate pot wiring is incorrect.


Please update your browser to use Reverb

Tantalums do not work at all the polarity is reversed. I’ve not built this, but I can’t see any reason why 2N should not work, but 2N and 2N work ok. Join the HC Newsletter.

I have positive facing the led and Q4 Base. This can give you that mystifying “works fine until I touch or move something” effect.

byoc tremolo?

Luke Bassett 5 November at Works perfectly for those who have problemslet me tell you that I recently discovered while building this, that I had a full batch of 2n that was faulty: Another good trem that doesn’t get any attention is the Rocktron Pulse tremolo. This is a really good method because you can be sure that no LFO bleed-through will be heard as people have experienced with other effects with oscillators.

Have you given that one a go? I would like to see where i can donate to for the site? Diode is 1n and connected differently also. IvIark 12 May at Hi Nick – what are the other trems you tried?

Lets see those mods!