By Way of Deception has ratings and 99 reviews. This book is very critical of the Mossad and Victor Ostrovsky is considered a criminal in Israel. [“By way of deception shall you Conquer.” — Mossad’s motto. Victor Ostrovsky was a career Mossad agent. He left Israel’s secret police agency and returned to . Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy, By Way of Deception St Martin’s Press, New York {Ostrovsky’s Foreword}. {p. vii} REVEALING THE FACTS as I know them.

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As time went on, these meetings would be held every three days — a process that continued for about four months. Once we had completed the questionnaires and turned them in, we were told: And if the sayan gets a letter or a phone call, he will know immediately how to proceed. I was driven back down Ibn Gevirol Street, but this time the car stopped in front of the Bank Hapoalim. I knew that what he said was correct.

Even the Cuban DGI intelligence service has some 2, trained operatives posted across the world in Cuban diplomatic missions. One Israeli columnist has gone on to say that Ostrovsky should be killed for his treachery. In surveillance, each minute detail is reported after each stage back to the safe house, where the team digests the information and plans the next step.

We’d had a leisurely breakfast and there was coffee for us in the conference room — and as usual, everybody was smoking. As the guards stood at the plant gates, their attention was suddenly captured by a commotion outside on the street where it seemed a pedestrian, an attractive young woman, had been brushed by a car.

Deceptikn least, the Israelis were banking on that.

By Way of Deception? | Conspiracy School

After about half an hour, during which time I continually looked at my watch, I returned to the desk. They’d be very sorry that they hadn’t viictor able to save the president, but protecting him was not their job to begin with. The two businessmen were Itsik E. For those who are interested in Mossad, its structure, the training of agents, the previous operations and the surrounding politics, this oc an informative account of the foreign intelligency agency written by an ex Mossad officer.


If the German government could contain the situation, things would be fine. Then I wondered how the hell my instructors would know that the name I’d got was right. The right-wingers’ silent cry was to somehow stop the process, which they believed would lead to a compromise that would force Israel to return more land.

Before long, a dark-complexioned man with graying hair came in and led us out the back door and into one of four portable classrooms.

I didn’t feel pressure. Pity in a way — she was very good, if you know what I mean. It was only in the days following that revealing interview that incredulity replaced my satisfaction. The Mossad’s right-wing element wasn’t sure to what extent this scandal would grow. The first, yarid, a team in charge of European security, would figure out Halim’s schedule and that of his wife, Samira, see if he was under Iraqi or French surveillance, and arrange for a nearby apartment through a “real estate” sayan one of the Paris sayanim in real estate and trusted to find an apartment in the requested neighborhood, no questions asked.

Over dinner, the two men outlined a plan they said they had been working on: On finishing the read and reflecting on the book your last question must be, that’s the Mossad now what about the secret service in my country? But the messages originated in Israel and were re-transmitted by a special communication device – a “Trojan horse” – Mossad had placed inside Libya.

The reader is taken on a no-holds-barred journey through the secret service from initiation right through operations until the author’s eventual exit from the force.

By Way of Deception?

Better still, Samira invited “Jacqueline” in and poured her BY WAY OF DECEPTION 8 heart out to her about how unhappy she was, victpr her husband had no drive to succeed, how she had come from an affluent family and was tired of having to use her own money to live on, and — bingo — how she was going home to Iraq in two weeks because her mother was having major surgery.


That in itself was a risk; it was the first time I’d allowed this to come out.

In other words, they will be trying to pass on to you the collective experience and memory of the Decepyion as they know it, and as it was passed on to them through experience, trial, and error. One guy hit me so hard in the jaw, I thought I’d lost a tooth. Ostrovsiy knew that name carried with it a certain guarantee of getting attention and keeping it.

Metsada, now called Komemiute, is the department in charge of combatants. It thus becomes quite difficult to determine the accuracy of his accounts, especially since there is no real way to verify the information unless you are a Mossad agent — and even then, it seems that the information may be compromised or manipulated.

By Way of Deception : The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer

He told me to get dressed in jeans and come with him. Overall a good read if you know your Post World War 2 World history well enough.

He’d brought along one of the pneumatic tubes as the display model for Halim to examine. Aug 12, Radek rated it it was amazing Shelves: He also tells about Jewish attitudes of themselves and Arabs which explains quite a bit in the wider conflict On the American side, a pilot and his weapons officer were killed when their F exploded.

So were most of the women in the building. Write to me at contact. Victor Ostrovsky was a career Mossad agent.