As per the provision of Sec.7 of the Building and Other Construction Workers’ realized under the Building and Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Cess Act, , (RE&CS) Act who has arranged for engagement of the workers outside the. The Bill amends two laws i.e. the Building and Other Construction Workers ( Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, (RECS Act) and the. (27 OF ). [19th August, ]. An Act to regulate the employment and conditions of service of building and other construction workers and to provide for their.

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The matter of slow progress of implementation of these Acts has been raised at various fora.

Application of Act construciton of to building workers. The opinions expressed herein are entirely those of the author s. Since the Bill could not be taken up for consideration it lapsed. Photocopy of first page of bank passbook. The complete application along with required documents is required to be submitted before the Registering Officer of the area.

The Bill allows the central government to notify the maximum cost of construction. PRS is an independent, not-for-profit group. Three small size photographs. To empower the Central Government to notify constructionn percentage of total expenditure, in place of existing 5 percent during the financial year, for meeting administrative expenses by the State Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

In pursuant to the decision of the 41st Labour Ministers Conference held on 18th May,the Committee of State Labour Ministers had expressed its consensus for the Central Legislation on this subject.

Further, Voter Identity Cards can also be accepted as proof of age.


As per the RECS Act, the Welfare Board can incur expenses for salaries, allowances and other administrative requirements upto five per cent of its total expenses during that financial year. The provisions in the Amendment are given below: The application shall be either personally delivered or sent by Registered Post to the Registering Officer. Basic amenities and workerz facilities provided to these workers are inadequate.

Every building and other construction worker who has completed othher years of age, but has not completed 60 years of age and worked more than 90 days in any building or other construction work during the preceding 12 months and not a member of any other welfare fund shall be eligible for registration as beneficiary under Sec.

Labour Directorate, Odisha is the owner of the Website, the contents in this Website is a collaborative effort of Labour Directorate, Odisha. The amendments will facilitate speedy implementation of these Acts by the Central and the State Governments.

The Building and Other Construction Workers

Qorkers for payment of wages and compensation. The Registering Officer, after satisfying himself of all the details, may register the worker as beneficiary under the Act and rec&s an identity card affixing the photograph of the worker.

In case the registering officer is satisfied that an amount higher than the amount, which has been paid by the employer as fees for the registration of the establishment is payable, the employer has to pay additional sums payable for the registration of the establishment. The Bill amends two laws i. The State Governments have to frame and notify rules, constitute Advisory Committees or Expert Committees and appoint various authorities for registration of workers, cess collection, inspection and Appellate Authority.

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The Building and Other Construction Workers Related Laws (Amendment) Bill, | PRS

Skip to main content. Central Government is the implementing agency in the central sphere for the purpose of enforcement of various provisions of the Act, while States are the implementing authority under State sphere.


These workers are one of the most vulnerable segments of the unorganised labour in India. Penalty for other offences. The Bill has been referred to the Standing Committee on Labour for examination and report within three months.

bui,ding Building and other construction workers are one of the most numerous and vulnerable segments of the unorganised labour in India.

Under the RECS Act, every building worker between the ages of 18 to 60 years who engaged in any building or construction work for at least 90 days during the past one year is eligible to register as a beneficiary.

As Parliament was not in session and in view of the urgency felt by the Government for meeting the longstanding demand for the aforesaid legislation, the President was pleased to promulgate the Building and Other Construction Workers Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service Ordinance, Ordinance 14 of along with another Ordinance for the levy of a cess on the 3rd November, Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Fund and its application.

Their work is of temporary nature, the relationship between employer and the employee is temporary, working hours are uncertain. Self declaration as an Inter—state migrant worker if applicable. Self declaration towards S. Page 1 2 3 Total As per the provision of Sec.