View and Download Zenza Bronica ETRS user manual online. single lens reflex camera. ETRS Digital Camera pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Zenza Bronica ETRS. We have 2 Zenza Bronica ETRS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Instructions. ETRS. 5X Advanced Broniew technologies for new imaging horizons! UUUUU. RIBES. LETTO m. El triu. BINIA BRONICA. ETRO. SORER. ZENZA BRONICA.

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First, adjust the neck strap to a suitable length and then fix the shoulder pad on the inside of the neck strap, at the point where it will rub against the shoulder.

The finder nronica be interchanged with other optional finders to match shooting conditions to photographic conditions. If the green-colored battery check lamp lights up when the battery check button is depressed, the battery is loaded properly and there is sufficient power for electronically-con trolled operations.

On the other hand, short, rapid strokes, up to an accumulated full rotation, will also do the job First, remove the finder attached to the camera main body. The central split-image spot splits the image diagonally, with the upper and lower strs being separated diagonally when the lens is out of focus. To return the magnifier to its storage position, simply push it down until it catches. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Bronica ETR-Si Instruction Manual

If you use Pay Pal, use the link below. Shutter Release Button A. There is an apparent zone of sharpness, both in front and back of the focused subject, which is known as the depth of field. The back cover will automatically lock and manjal.

Zenza Bronica ETRS User Manual

Time t Exposure Facts Manuao The Battery Clean the contacts of the battery chamber and battery with a soft cloth. Shutter Release Button A. At the same time, it has a full range of other valuable accessories which will permit its use in many other day-to-day assignments, requiring a fast-handling camera with complete exposure automation. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. To close the lens shutter.


Automatic Bellows Attachment E The accessory provides variable lens extensions continuously with Zenzanon-E lenses from 40mm to mm, with the lens shutter and lens diaphragm actions automatically coupled to the control circuit, upon attachment.

Intermediate settings are also possible.

Distance scales on the Bronica lenses for the ETRS can be used for setting the focus on the required distance or finding the distance actually focused.

In infrared photography, some adjustment must be made in the focus in order to retain sharpness on the film because the invisible infrared Pays are longer in wave length than the visible rays used for focusing.

Camera operations are greatly speeded up because a bright erect image, moving in the same direction as the lens, is observed for composing and focusing. Simply load up a new film back, with the required film, and go out shooting.

The lens is not properly attached.

Detaching the Strap Hold the neck strap, as illustrated, and depress the spring catch while, at the same time pushing the metal fitting forward, as far as it will go.

If the shutter is not cocked or the film is not advanced, the incomplete actions will take place when the film winding crank is rotated. To remove the film back from the camera body, insert the dark slide into the dark slide slit, as illustrated, with the 3 mark on the dark slide at the top end.

Loading The Battery 1. The Zenza Bronica ETR has been developed as broinca complete modular “system” camera, with a very high degree of interchangeability in lenses, finders, focusing screens, film backs, etc. First, insert the U-shaped ring into the neck strap eyelet, as illustrat- ed The locking ring on the lens release button will automatically return broniva “lock” when pressure is released from the lens release button. Zenzanon E 50mm F2.


Setting the Shutter Speed Dial. There are two spool holders on the The aperture ring click-stops at the numbered settings.

Bronica ETR camera manual

The use of the multiple mannual lever will, however, permit you to cock the shutter, in such instances. There are two spool holders on the film holder.

Use a R filter or equivalent with an infrared black-and white film. This will help you keep track of the film loaded in the film back and should prove useful when two or more film backs are used, with different types of films.

The standard maanual supplied with the waist-level finder has a power of Therefore, first, rotate the film winding crank and cock the lens shutter. Attaching and Removing the Neck Strap. Zenzanon E 75mm F2. Brobica numbers on the shutter speed scale are color-coded in red and white colors.

Don’t have an account? Page 27 Automatic Close-Up Photography Automatic Close-up Photography Automatic close-up photography is possible bronicaa the ETRS, which makes close-up shooting very simple, contrary to the difficulties and limitations normally encountered when taking close-up shots.

After focusing in the normal manner, re-set the distance indicated by the green-colored distance index to the infrared index, by shifting the distance ring.

Although instructions described in this booklet are based on a standard combination con.