The Bride Price tells the poignant love story of Aku-nna, a young Igbo girl, and Chike, the son of a prosperous former slave. They are drawn. Complete summary of Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Bride Price. First published in , this great literary classic follows a young Nigerian woman who rejects the patriarchal traditions of her culture to find love and happiness.

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Chike christens his baby Joy. Everything is defined in terms of the masculine. Apr 22, Lefty Kalaitzis rated it really liked it. She left her unhappy, violent marriage six years later. Coming from this state of mind, this long-held tradition, it is very difficult for Okonkwo to adjust to Aku-nna’s rebellion. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

And she, in the moment of brice, takes “refuge in passing out completely. April 6, at 4: The author, Buchi Emecheta, knows moderation and shows it though out the book which is so beyond important to me.

Ezekiel, after all, had paid a high bride price for his wife, and he believed he had a right to more sons. The novel itself is so rich, but the ending is jarring.


Sexuality is another area where the customs dictate different rules for both sexes. Nobody goes against the laws of the land and survives. It is with Chike that Aku-nna feels the most comfortable in asking those questions that have haunted her.


This site also offers information on Buchi Emecheta and other Nigerian writers. They will all know how passionately we love each other. Modern Language Association http: But what price do they pay for freedom?

She seems to know neither the source nor the reason for them. Despite the fact that “the whole of Ibuza came forward as witnesses against” Chike’s father, the European law forces the village people to compensate the former slave.

Instead, because it is, after all, we who want to understand them, we have the far more difficult challenge of trying “to extend our understanding” of their categories. On her wedding night, she lies and tells Okoboshi that she is not a virgin and has slept with Chike; he refuses to touch her. You are very welcome, Heather. Faded truths”, The Observer20 June I really enjoyed the story and cultural insights but found the writing style tiresome.

Aku-nna’s father, Ezekiel Odia, is physically present only in the first few pages of the story. A baby girl is born healthy, but Aku-nna perishes due to extreme anemia, according to her doctor. Other terms that are familiar to Westerners also have a different meaning in this African novel.

This is the pivotal moment, the climax of the story. The independence comes to her at the price of not only losing her mother but of losing her grandmother, aunts, cousins, and all the men folk of the Ibuza village.

I think Buchi Emecheta did an extremely exceptional job writing this piece and I would highly recommend it to other readers in search of a powerful story that they will never forget. She is brixe child who picks up diseases so easily that her mother begs her “to bychi once and for all whether she is going to live or die.


A war ensued over the next two years between Biafra lrice the ruling Nigerian government, leading not only to heavy casualties, but also to a plea by the Biafran government to the international community for food. She is looked over, by her new owners, like emechfta slave trader might look at his new slave. I was disappointed by this, because the book draws you This book started out with so much potential. After her father’s sudden death, Aku-nna’s life changes.

Jan 09, Krista rated it really liked it Shelves: She is asking Chike to speak for her. Jan 21, Florcie Reyes rated it really liked it. The character’s situation is interesting and is easy to empathize with, but I feel that some of the characters are pretty unreachable.

The story is about a girl named Aku-nna who lived a fairly comfortable life in the city of Lagos, Nigeria with her family. Buchi was clearly aiming a few shots at certain actions condoned and committed in the name of culture.

The Bride Price |

Chike, once again, rescues Aku-nna. In a short time, they are expecting a baby. Complicating the issue for Western feminist readers, however, is the fact that the fathers’ language represents traditional African values, whereas the daughter’s language, in some respects, represents almost a Western alternative to these old ways.