Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (5th Edition) Armies: Bretonnia Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia is the current army book for the Bretonnians in. BOOK COVER: DAVID GALLAGHER. ART: JOHN BLANCHE WARHAMMER ARMIES – BRETONNIA. CONTENTS BRETONNIAN ARMY LIST. L.. KNIGHTS . Bretonnians are a tactically unique army with impressive models, .. solid defensive item (10 points cheaper than the talisman on the book).

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This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat You cannot play this army without Knights, so embrace the men of horse and steel.

Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (6th Edition) – Warhammer – Age of Sigmar – Lexicanum

All in all a perfect way to say fuck you GW! There is an alternative for those who love mass conversions for themed armies and that is the “Legion of the Grail Damned” route. An Army Book normally contains: Storms Of Chaos Book Type see all.

Bretonnian knights are already deadly as hell on the charge. This includes their characteristic values, information on their weapon options, and any limitations on their use, as well as background information on each unit. Beasts Of Chaos Includes the following books.

The basic plastic set can do bretpnnia of the Core choices, but in typical GW fashion you will pay much more for Questing and Grail knights. These are the basics of the Bretonnian army.

I’m always willing to help out so breonnia ask any question. This includes artwork, short stories, maps, timelines and copies of fictional documents. Inside you will find The Pride of Bretonnia. Delivery Options see all.


Bretonnia Warhammer Fantasy for sale | eBay

It was the first edition to feature individual army books. Well looked after by original owner. The army itself has evolved obok the years from a rather straightforward charge-focused army to a combined arms force with cheap but effective shooting to wither down the enemy, knights who can outlast weaker infantry but have a potent enough charge to destroy smaller elite units when working together, as well as characters and specialized units to deal with the threats the knights cannot easily handle.

Skip to main content. Therefore, every character in your army, from lords to damsels, are best used to protect knights, help them get the charge or give them some killing power after the charge, NOT make the charge deadlier although there’s nothing wrong if they can do both.

Bestiary – A list of the units, characters and war machines that can be chosen for use in a battle. World of Darkness – Old Ed. Age of Reckoning Online: Another route for obtaining cheap knights is fireforge games.

Age of Sigmar game in Aim for a majority of knights, Knights, Knights and Knights. Condition of this oversize paperback is Very Good Plus, showing a hint of shelfwear. That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear combos bretonnix to them, so if you absolutely need to have them, go ahead.

Champions of Chaos Chaos Special Characters. Another good thing to remember; if you use 3rd party miniatures in GW stores staff members will tell you to fuck off out the door and ban you, all before your models get out of the carry case. For that I apologize upfront.

Got one to sell? Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. All army books were initially replaced by a get-by list in Ravening Hordes, distributed for free. An Army Book in the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop wargame, is a rules supplement containing information concerning a particular army, environment, or worldwide campaign. This one is in near mint condition and has never been hung up.


There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Item Location see all. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Very good condition See Pictures. Until superseded by newer versions, the 6th edition and later books remain valid for the newer editions of Warhammer.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Bretonnia

Cover has very little wear. Your ad here, right now: Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Army List – Each entry from the bestiary is arranged by type Lord, Hero, Core, Special, Rare and given a points value, with more powerful units costing more points, so that battles are fought between balanced armies.

Whilst I’m shamelessly plugging other miniature companies i have used in my own collection proof i might as well give a shout out to the bretonnix forger who does the best and cheapest in terms of appearance at 10 euros trebuchet on the market.

You’re looking at a Inquisitor: After that do whatever you feel, use peasants if you want to recreate a peasant rebellion or a Crusades era army.