Al Islam Urdu Home Page Ahmadiyya – الاسلام اسلام اردو صفحہ. Volume 1 · 1. Braheen-i-Ahmadiyya (Vol. 1 to 4) Al-Haq Ludhiana, Al-Haq Dehli, Asmani Faisla, Nishan-e-Asmani, Aik Esai Ke Teen Sawal Aur Un Ke Jawabat, _ _ _ _. Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Part IV. by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah and Mahdi (as). Arguments in support of the Divine Origin of the Holy. al-Barāhīn al-Ahmadīyyah ‘alā Haqīqatu KitābAllāh al-Qur’ān wa’n-Nabūwwatu . Original Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Vol I – IV · Read Online (Urdu).

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It is blind prejudice, surely, that drives you to denounce my arguments as invalid and easily refutable. Its teachings zealously promote the Oneness, Greatness and Excellence of God; and it is filled to the brim in establishing the Oneness of the Glorious God.

Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya – episode 1

Follow us on twitter. Prophethood Jesus Jihad Evolution. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. How braheem you claim to be able to reject my arguments when you have not even studied them? He answers objections raised by some people; the death of Jesus is also dealt with in the light of verses of the Quran.

It does not impute to Him anything that is contrary to His Oneness or attribute to Him any blemish, shortcoming, or unworthy attribute.

He then continues to explain what a miracle really is and why it is essential for miracles to take place. He adds that living miracles and signs and not merely the stories of bygone ages are the sure sign of a living religion. With this he declared ureu he no longer had any control over this book, but that it was God alone who knew how it would proceed.

Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya – episode 1 | MTA

Distinct views Prophethood Jesus Jihad Evolution. After the supplement, Ghulam Ahmad intended to add an epilogue, the notes of which have been added.

ufdu Towards the end of this volume, Ghulam Ahmad claimed that he had received a sudden manifestation of God, the like of which had been received by Moses and that God addressed him saying Verily I am your Lord.


The subject of external and internal proofs of the truth and excellences of the Quran are dealt with at length. Instead of glorifying God, they glorify themselves; instead of following His guidance, they take themselves to be the guides. In writing the book, Ghulam Utdu sought to rejuvenate Islam by arguing for the validity of its principles and vindicating its teachings in response to Christian and Hindu polemics against Islam as well as atheistic philosophies.

It also compares the nature of God as presented in the vedas arguing that they do not address the idea of God’s oneness and leave the concept of God unclear, open and miscible. A comparison is made between the teachings of the Quran and those uru the New Testament. Any religion that is not true and is not living will certainly be devoid of these manifestations.

Email will not be published required. Ghulam Ahmad explains the unusual delay of 23 years to write the 5th Part of Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya ; after the initial four partsduring which period he wrote more than 80 other books, Ahmad explains that the delay was the Will of God, so that many of the Revelations, he received 23 years earlier and published in the initial parts, would have been fulfilled.

I would have been quite happy to confine myself to my own ahmadigya and avoid anmadiyya the beliefs of my opponents, but the problem is that a thorough scrutiny and comprehensive discussion of true principles and arguments is not possible without exposing the falsity of all creeds opposed to the right path. The work was initially intended to be a fifty-volume series in the defence of Islam, however, Ghulam Ahmad’s claim to be divinely appointed as the expected Mahdi and Messiah during the course of its writing and following the publication of volume four ahmadiyyq a brhaeen turning point in his life.

Barahin E Ahmadiyya Old – براھین احمدیہ

Thus, this age is also in need of this spiritual water. It demonstrates the superiority of Islam over all other rbaheen with logical arguments. The first and second volumes are largely introductory in their nature and present an outline of the book.

Part of a series on: The book elaborates upon the divine ahmadiya of the Holy Quran and truthfulness of the Holy Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. This manner of argumentation will prove to be an excellent means of fostering knowledge and lending maturity to thought and perception.


This section needs expansion. I deem it necessary to say this much about my claim that I have been barheen by God precisely at the time of need. For our physical sustenance, He appointed the sun, the moon, the clouds and the winds. This is in case he is unable to produce all the arguments that fall under one category.

The first two parts were published in CE, the third volume was published inthe fourth volume in and the fifth volume in Perversion of thought and perception has greatly impaired their power to draw rightful conclusions. Thereupon, as a matter of contrast with them God named me Messiah.

I read the scriptures of all faiths with a spirit of fairness and honesty and pondered and deliberated upon them.

Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya – Wikipedia

The fifth volume of the Barahin ends with an explanation of certain revelations which Ghulam Ahmad claimed to have received in which he was bdaheen as Jesus. The miracles of Jesus, the meaning and nature of salvation and how it can be attained are also discussed. Then will you witness whether it is my God who prevails or your false deities.

In these turbulent times Islam can only stand its ground if it repels the besieging forces of misguidance with an equal force and defends aahmadiyya against the enemy onslaught with the mighty power of truth.

Why do we need another book? The series thus ended with the fifth volume. This volume starts with a description of what constitutes a true and living religion and stresses the point that mere stories and legends of ancient times are not enough to establish the truth of a religion, it must have the continued miraculous manifestation of the words and deeds of the Almighty God up to the present.