“The censorship list is published quarterly in the magazine ‘BPjM-aktuell’ which can be read in any major library in Germany,” wrote Drake. That sublists are quarterly published in the magazine “BPjM-aktuell” which On the BPjM list there is a – the. BPJM-Aktuell 3 (): 11– Olson, Cheryl K. “Video Game Politics: An Update ,” , available at

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Media on lists B and D may be disseminated under the aforementioned conditions, however they not to be distributed through broadcasting system, including the internet. Probably at one point in time there was a listing of a music album which is forbidden in Germany — this was enough to block access to the “eBay of music” for years It’s one thing to want to prevent access to clearly illegal material. Not aktuel ultimate stupidity but pretty dumb nevertheless: Explore some core concepts: It’s quite another to slap together a list composed of dead sites, mistyped URLs and a variety of bizarre blockings based on “incomprehensible reactions to moral panics.

German Government Tries To Censor Publication Of Its List Of Censored Websites | Techdirt

CuriosityStream 2 Year Subscription 0 The second point I can’t agree on, when you break a contract that contract is bbpjm through the power of government but doesnt make the contract a government action.

The members of the panel act independently and bpjm aktuell as directed by the interests they bpjm aktuell. Die Zeit in German. The list of URLs contains child sexual abuse material CSAManimal pornography, nazi propaganda, minors in poses involving unnatural sexual emphasis and content inciting hatred, just to name a few. The correct URLs without the trailing slashes won’t match the hash aktudll are not blocked. In practice applications are normally made by the youth welfare offices. The basic rights aktkell freedom of expression and artistic freedom in Article 5 of the German Grundgesetz are not guaranteed without limits.

  LEY 27854 PDF

Confiscationswhere these have been notified to the BPjM. Since CSAM is aktuelo illegal under US law, we are of the opinion that this site violates the laws applying to your service and also violates your terms of conditions.

This is also true for list B even when it says that distribution is prohibited by law that is an assesment of the BPjM and not binding until a court decides.

Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons

And, if the statement altuell violating two countries’ laws wasn’t theoretically frightening enough, KJM goes on to claim that posting this content violates Neocities own mission statement. It is not the Government censoring stuff or trying to censor the list of censored stuff.

To begin with, it appears that there’s very little effort being made to keep the blacklist current. Danish data has been limited until now, and more complete data will be imported.

To rebuild the web we lost to monotony, and make it fun again. In the number and type of institutions which could petition for a work to be indexed was widened considerably. Anonymous Coward22 Jul 6: The List is subdivided into various sublists, and these in turn are subdivided into various indexes:.

This un-hashed list was posted to the user’s Neocities blog, along with some analysis of the blacklist’s contents and a rundown on the minimal protective efforts used for the list. Can search engines operating in Germany choose to ignore these restrictions without repercussions from the aaktuell After a popular movie has been removed from the index, there is usually a label that has it re-rated by the FSK which does not rate indexed movies.


Mason A,tuell profile22 Jul Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.


A contract is entered into bilaterally and voluntarily. I very much welcome criticism of the contents of these lists, the obvious incompetence with which they are composed and maintained some times and in my personal opinion the BPjM could be done with alltogether, it’s become obselete in it’s current form.

All indexed virtual aktueol, which potentially have content whose distribution is prohibited under the Strafgesetzbuch.

I am quite open to the idea of getting rid of it, it is outdated and obsolete. There are restrictions concerning advertising and tv broadcasts for example but in general books, cds etc on the lists can be purchased by asking for them in the store, they are just not allowed to be on the shelves. All of the URLs are illegal under German law. bpum

The new Keine Jugendfreigabe rating has been added instead, but has stricter rules as it bpjm aktuell be indexed.