An Open Letter to Boris Souvarine. Souvarine says he wants to “examine the facts from a Marxist viewpoint”. But from a Marxist viewpoint, such general and. : Stalin: A Critical Survey of Bolshevism (): Boris Souvarine: Books. Biography. Boris Souvarine. Jean‐Louis Panné. Pages Published online: 12 Nov Download citation ·

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Search inside the book. Socialist Party but propagated socialist ideas and enjoyed wide popularity among the workers.

Boris Souvarine – IMDb

What are the causes of the war? Stanford University Press, I must apologise for having dwelt at such length on our relations with Trotsky and Martov, but the French socialist press refers to this quite frequently and the information it gives its readers is often very inaccurate. And at the age of fourteen came into contact with the French Socialist movement while working as an apprentice in an aviation factory.

InSouvarine joins the committee of the Third International, also known as the Comintern and becomes one of its most active members, helping to diffuse large numbers of political and propagandist literature across Europe. Member of the Third Communist International from tohe was one of borix founders of the French Communist Party, before he was expelled from it in The Library also wishes to express special thanks to Professor Joseph C.

Flickr Commons No known copyright restrictions. What are its aims? The souvwrine of the proletariat, which from to was the sole exponent of socialism and democracy in France, England and Germany? He welcomed with fervour the Russian revolution inand, thanks borjs his Russian bilingualism, relayed the events closely to left-wing circles brois France.

In spite of these many commonalities, Souvarine refused to embrace the views of his interlocutor, a refusal to agree with others which had characterized him throughout his life. It is to be feared that, for Lenin and his friends, the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, must be a dictatorship of Bolsheviks and their leader. The Conference condemned the activities of the anti-Party groups abroad—the Menshevik Golos group, the Vperyod and Trotsky groups, and recognised the absolute necessity for a single Party organisation abroad, conducting its work ssouvarine the supervision and guidance of the C.


And that is one of the key issues.

The Graduate Institute, Geneva – The Library – Boris Souvarine Papers

The Prague Conference was of great international significance. In he was allowed to leave the army, after borix only brother had been killed in action. It was then too that he agreed to write much of a book published under the name of Panait Istrati, a writer who had originally sympathized with the Soviet experience but had recently returned from the Soviet Union completely disenchanted.

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From Communism to Anti-Communism: Results per book Results per chapter. Bofis summed up a whole historical period of struggle against the Mensheviks, consolidated the victory of the Bolsheviks and expelled the Menshevik liquidators from the Party.

What kind of policy is being continued in the present war? Thereafter, Souvarine attempted to mend matters with his French comrades, in part by bringing about a meeting between them and Leon Trotsky; it proved counter-productive as it ended in a fiasco.

Souvarine was a founding member of the French Communist Party and is noted for being the only non-Russian communist to have been a member of the Comintern for three years in succession. As an executive member of the Comintern, Souvarine kept in regular contact with Leon Trotsky.

But he has not definitely said whether he wants unity or a break with the Chkheidze faction. This page was last edited on 8 Augustat He never received any formal schooling after that date. Souvarine’s family moved to Paris inwhere he became a socialist activist from a young age.


Obviously, it was belittled by orthodox communists as well as by those who still put their faith in the Soviet experiment even as it was touted by soyvarine forces then and later. Souvarine’s journalistic reputation grew rapidly during the war years as a talented, subtle writer and skillful polemicist. Most significant from our point of view, however, was the impact that this book had on the author himself.

Boris Souvarine Papers

And yet it was the French who had attacked England and were actually preparing to land in Ireland. The Marxist viewpoint requires that in each individual case we define the political content of the war. After the war, it was a Menshevik, Alexander Shifrin known as Max Werner, who helped Souvarine recover his library and archives that had been taken by souvaarine Germans. Feel free to give our address: Look at America—apart from everything else a neutral country.

Boris Souvarine was a pioneer in the studies of social movements and communism.

It enjoyed a second edition in with an additional chapter bringing it up to date. Because this minority really represented the interests of these masses, because it believed in the coming revolution, because it was prepared to serve it with supreme devotion. The powerful president of the International, Grigorii Zinoviev made Souvarine a particular target of his attacks. Do not tell me it is hard to distinguish between revolutionary souarine reactionary wars.

Few were convinced by this plea. Now, just imagine that in each of the capitalist countries of Europe, this mutual slaughter for the sake of plunder is directed by a socialist!