I used Blue Beam Revu software to reduce the file size, it take it down to 36MB with good enough PDF’s don’t seem to compress that well. This online application allows me to compress the size of my work documents to save them or send them by mail more easily, it represents a tool with which I can . Posts about Bluebeam Revu written by carolhagen. metadata and other Miscellaneous items, and True to Compress] before the Flatten in the script editor .

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Carol’s Construction Technology Blog

Bluebeam keyboard shortcuts can save you an enormous amount of time and many are worth the effort of memorization. Bluebeam has a Keyboard shortcuts document hidden inside Revu.

The Design integrates advanced markup options, Estimation is used for adding markups and measurements to PDF files, Construction is designed for working with large drawing sets and documents, Office is suitable for proofreading and reviewing documents, Tablet is optimized for tablet PCs, while Simple is developed for viewing PDF files using maximum screen space.

Delete File Failed; Access Denied. Bluebeam Revu has many line styles but did you know you can create your own? I find most people who find this document open it and only look at the first few pages. In the Reduce File Size dialog, change the options until the Estimated bljebeam gets low enough.

Bluebeam Revu TipsEstimating Take-offMeasurements add a comment With the recent Bluebeam Revu 12 release, all take-off measurements appear in the markups list See image below. With the custom tool set features, you can have all your favorite symbols, illustrations, etc.

Carol’s Construction Technology Blog. Additionally, you are allowed to choose between different looks of the interface, namely Dark, Light or Classic, and log in using an account so you can make use of real-time collaboration and manage projects from a desktop, tablet PC or iPad. This is especially useful when working with multiple disciplines like the Architect, Structural Engineer and General Contractor. For digital signatures, download a 30 day free comprews of Bluebeam Revu to you PC or blusbeam requires Windows 7 or higher.


Use the Position Wheel to define other placements, such as side-by-side or above, in addition to the below setting shown.

Reducing the PDF file size

Share your ideas in the comments section and help all my readers become efficent Bluebeamers! This is especially useful when sharing with someone that does not have the Microsoft Powerpoint application. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the Structural Bluebezm and General Contractor and for any other disciplines you want in your legend. Reducing the PDF file size. You can also drag icons from the left to the right panel or rearrange the order they appear within a panel. The tool adopts a ribbon-like interface and gives you the possibility to work with multiple tabs at the same time.

Each one focuses upon several compfess features. If you cannot find the email with your License Certificate, you can request that your License Certificate be resent to you: Converting files to PDF makes it easy to share with construction team members, subcontractors and suppliers who may not have comprss native applications to open all file types you are using.

This maximizes the usable space in the panels. The application allows you to create a brand-new PDF file from a single file, multiple documents, or scanned files.

Use the custom Line Style editor to make your own custom line styles.

Reducing the PDF file size | Quantity Surveying Solutions

Many of the tools here are part of his custom tool set. Keeping the thumbnails can be helpful on the iPad. Pressing down firm produces a thicker line. You can then lasso multiple markups together like a punch symbol and the pen markup and group them together, or in my case above, the arrow and the pen markup. Callouts and text boxes are common markups on construction plans and documents. You can read all the Bluebeam Full Specs and hardware requirements here. A small utility bundled in the program, Bluebeam Stapler, helps you merge files into a single document and convert items in a batch mode.


With large format drawings this might just be the best blueneam both worlds. It works best with hand printed text. This makes an email address for uploading directly to your specified Box folder.

Then copy, paste, use markups and the snapshot tool to create your slides. The Multiple Monitor profile works well with monitors that are different sizes or when using a second monitor with a laptop display. This site uses cookies. Your photo gallery can attach to any markup so use it with Punch symbols, cloud existing jobsite conditions, callouts of project milestones inside walls before you drywall, etc.

Planswift was Expecting to Find You can drag additional tabs into the same panel and split them in any direction. I am available and travel the United States providing in-house customized training for your Project Managers, Estimators and supporting office staff.

If you have time, here are more right click tips: Lasso or multi-select all the text boxes you added in the above steps on your markups list, right click and select Group to group these markups.

When installing the update an error 32 displays. When using the Pen tool you can have Bluebeam automatically recognize your handwriting before placing the markup.

Moving construction firms and related industries toward the paperless office, mobility and identifying and implementing LEAN practices to fompress a competitive advantage is my passion.