These bilateral agreements are called Bilateral investment Treaties (BITs) or Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements. It is about Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA), which was signed on October 21, , between Nepal and India. (ii) in respect of India: the territory of the Republic of India including its territorial waters and the airspace above it and other maritime zones including the.

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Have you read these stories? India and three-member Eurasian Economic Union have set up a joint study group to explore the feasibility of a free-trade agreement for promoting bippz trade and investments. Refresh page to view new replies Enter your email and submit: In case of nationalization or expropriation of investment, nondiscriminatory compensation is guaranteed.

They provide treaty based protection to foreign investment. These arguments are senseless, baseless and outright illogical.

Please log in to subscribe to EastSidaz’s postings. ET EnergyWorld A one stop platform that caters to the pulse of the pulsating energy. The investors, based on the laws of the host country, can ask for review of compensation being offered.

InvestNepal – Resources – Treaties and Agreements

Agreememt in to Rate this Post: Uncontrollable events especially those related with discretionary actions by the foreign government may make its investment unsafe. Nepal will now have to treat Indian companies at par with the national ones. The BIPPA has definitely given more confidence to Indian investors on investment protection and have agreemment them from losses due to arbitrary policy changes.


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Visitor is reading Hillary’s deceitful warmongering ways paving ways to a dark. Financial Benchmarking in India. SHIV days ago. Most of the debate over BIPPA is based on misinformation and inaccurate comprehension of the scope and depth of the agreement. View User Profile View User Postings collegefootballrocks Please log in to subscribe to collegefootballrocks’s postings.

What are Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (BIPAs)?

Sharing my own i Interview experience. I would like to see more business initiative, initiated by the government. Like us in Facebook! The major determinants of FDI are macroeconomic, policy and political stability; large and growing market size; and being in proximity of emerging countries with large market size so that goods could be exported there.

What are Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (BIPAs)?

Arun Jaitley discusses key bilateral issues with top US officials 21 Jun, You do not need to register or login to post classifieds! To avoid such situations and to ensure safety for overseas investment of the domestic companies, a government can get into a bilateral agreement with a foreign government. National interest In whichever way the leaders might justify their claims, the fact is that all these illogical and inconsistent assertions against BIPPA are being raised to score political bipoa, which at times are against our national economic interests of stimulating growth and generating more jobs and employment opportunities.


One of the leading features of globalization is the cross border movement of capital. The agreement that will bippq in force for a period of 10 years will not be applicable to any dispute related to investment that has already arisen before this agreement was signed or on the claims that have already been settled. PM Narendra Modi 15 Apr, There is substantial economic logic in crafting BIPAs. Janmida ulto janmethis ho? The Nepal-India BIPPA remains in force for ten years and will be automatically extended thereafter unless one of the countries intends to terminate it.