Biófilo Panclasta, el eterno prisionero: aventuras y desventuras de un anarquista colombiano. Orlando Villanueva Martínez et. al., eds. Santa fé de Bogotá, D.C. View the profiles of people named Biofilo Panclasta. Join Facebook to connect with Biofilo Panclasta and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. View the profiles of people named Biófilo Panclasta. Join Facebook to connect with Biófilo Panclasta and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.

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Seven Years Buried Alive and Other Writings

It is the evening of life, thin and bony before the distant and rosy morning of youth. In the patio I made joint and fraternal friendship with the prisoners most in affinity with my rebellions, feelings and desires Carmen Leal de Villamizar.

I entered Barranquilla to pancoasta my services in defense of the nation. Instead of writing everyone contributes to the erection of churches, to the support of the Pancoasta cult, to the needs of the parish for its own ends. How to understand it otherwise? In Panclwsta,being in charge of Caracas, he wanted to betray and seize Castro. It is very rare for lawyers, or men of law, who are always the negotiation of nature, to interpret it as the biological foundation of the social sciences.

Demosthenian orator; his torrent of ideas become sparks, carries the thirsty souls, the neurosis of social fire. I am not in the habit of making feline madness logical, and I leave its proof to the empire of force; force is the reason of beasts.

Even the church, despite the mandatory collections I delivered a paanclasta speech which included sentences judged offensive to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland and, by decree of her government, I was delivered to the Colombian delegation of the Hague Congress, which was also meeting then. My mother, in open rebellion against nature, moved me to Pamplona when I was eight days old and set up my crib there from then on.

Montalvo finds it admirable that Silvio Pellico, in his pained book Mis prisionesdoes not show indignation against his captors for their infamy and great cruelty; but I think that what the famous and long-suffering prisoner lacked were words with which to express how much his heart suffered in those torments.


To be oppressed is to have the right of not being oppressed. But it seems fine to me. Briand was a communist. In Colombia everything is not yet dead because there is still an independent press; free journalists, devoted and courageous. A Bowl of Soup and Off to Jail. What I want to trace pancalsta these lines is not a complaint. I was a pancpasta and a mystic. The idea never crossed his libertarian mind that those who carried his inert body niofilo the cemetery would be prisoners: And I, who do not attend any religious ceremony, felt with his presence the joy of one who sees something ibofilo consolation.

Jailed, supposedly for a speech given in praise of France a few days after the beginning of the war. To know is to judge. A terrifying silence surrounded with doleful mystery the space faded by the silent shadows.

Biófilo Panclasta – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The people store up hatred in their soul; thinkers, ideas of redemption in their minds; artists, feelings of love in their imaginations; the people suffer, suffer in silence like the docility of the sea in fair weather: Courageous and hostile, he steps back only out of pity. From the banks of a river. What Colombia Is Like. And I think that to transform society you have to make a revolution. Strongly anticlerical, it evolved from socialism to anarchism, also advocating equality of the sexes.

And I think I will be exiled. But the greatest discovery of the dawn of the Renaissance was the invention of the printing press. The pieces gathered here under his own name can be divided into three types. On the other hand, I am neither happier nor more unfortunate than any other.

But it takes all the bad faith of the reigning iniquity to confuse revolutionary action with war, riots, killings, attacks.

Flights: BIOFILO PANCLASTA/SIN APOYO -Split Tape- (diy-cChile?)

The Andes have not been climbed by a more daring revolutionary. Close Table of Contents. It is no different with histories of Latin American anarchism, translated or not. Pariahs of the Law: I deflowered the beautiful Valencia with my restless and rebellious sole on the first of January, Biiofilo travels through the world with the delight of a river that goes calling through the flowery and the arid riverbanks the plaintive shouts of biocilo living as he flows.


Man is the most sociable animal and at the same time the most individualistic. And man is not only sociable nor only individualistic. That would be a distortion? Man can be everything.

General Saavedra and Daughter. Damaso Montero, a kind of human monkey, funny and ironic, valiant and tenacious. Life, the sole positive truth, is beautiful, good, desirable, when from it, as from a farm, we can make a garden.

He was not born to catechize, he repudiates governing and being governed alike; he follows no one and wants no one to follow him, he acts as he feels. The mission of conservatism was to catechize, to put the sheep out to pasture for God.

There are joyful, wealthy, learned, hospitable, noble cities, and there are sad, sullen, miserly cities. In every journey there is an authentic contrast between the weight set in the soul by leaving behind what we have possessed, and the anxiety to possess what we desire.

Soon I will send you a descriptive correspondence about this, my latest journey; for now it is not possible for me to extend myself to matters foreign to the strictly political sense of this petite lettre. So I have no vacillation in addressing myself to you, despite your height, because now more than ever, you deserve and need the solidarity of all who have a desire for freedom and justice.

It is the furtively loosed breath of the virgin imprisoned in the nets of bourgeois inequity, it is the cry of the child who feels hunger, it is the act of the worker without bread, it is the blood of the just who ask heaven for vengeance, it is, ultimately, the mighty roar of humanity that awakens like a lion after slumber to the persistent lash of the whip of death!