‘Bigness’ in context: some regressive tendencies in Rem. Koolhaas’ urban theory. Jorge Otero-Pailos. Rem Koolhaas’ views on urbanism have been taken up. Bigness. “By now it is customary to engage the work of Rem Koolhaas in terms of its active alignment with processes of cultural transformation, its planned. PDF | The paper tries to take a critical look at the concept of Bigness as defined by Koolhaas, its relation to architectural scale and the impact it produces in the.

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Rem Koolhaas – Bigness (or the Metaphor of the Urban) | Thomas Helmlinger –

AA Publications, London Ubiquity Press, London Peter Eisenman, Rem Koolhaas: Metaphorical ex- pression links a wide range of concepts to a single common reference. A paradox of BIGNESS is that in spite of the calculation that goes into its planning-in fact, through its very rigidities-it is the one architecture that engineers the unpredictable, instead of enforcing coexistence, BIGNESS depends on regimes of freedoms, the assembly of maximum difference.

An imaginary semantic plane comprised by one horizontal Cartesian axis representing the semantic field between thesis and antithesis—the Whole—, as well as the range of metaphorical phrasing—the Real—assigned to the vertical direction, allows for each implicit statement to be contextualised by uniquely being located on the coordinate system of imagination.


New Perspectives Quarterly, Spring Vol. The impossibility triggers the autonomy of its parts, which is different from fragmentation: And then, there is creation.

California College of Arts and Crafts, Berkeley It is here bigneas the right measurement of architecture thrives. In written language, enhanced visuality—explicit vividness—may be generat- ed by imagination: It develops strategies to organize both their independence and interdependence within the larger entity in a symbiosis that exacerbates rather than compromises specificity.

Zayed National Museum Norman Foster. Beyond a certain critical mass, the accumulation of implicit information tends to acquire explicit meaning.

It is the panoply, the range—an inverse metaphor: Zones will be left out, free from architecture. The accumulation of implicit text equals Bigness. It is itself a metaphor of the urban. Today, they are a harbinger to the statement of unrestricted access and freedom of expression.

Bigness to Size-Zero: Measuring Architecture, rightly

Skip to main content. On multiple levels, this present paper aims at dealing with the correlation be- tween the implicit and the explicit in the writings of Rem Koolhaas, primarily focussing on his essay Bigness or the Problem of Large 7.

Yet, Big- ness is itself the range—it is, manifest as a plane, bignsss antithesis to the metaphor. In the fashion of the latter, language as such is also frequently used as a metaphor for architectural expression: Like plutonium rods that, more or less immersed, dampen or promote nuclear reaction, BIGNESS regulates the intensities of programmatic coexistence.


Bigness is the antithesis to the metaphor.

The Mo- nacelli Press, New Yorkp. Mauro, Tullio de Ed.

The typology of a pavilion oscillates between that of architecture through function and sculpture through beauty. A guiding hope to expanse of the idea of Pavilions worldwide.

By randomizing circulation, short circuiting distance, artificializing interiors, reducing mass, stretching dimensions, and accelerating construction, the elevator, electricity, air-conditioning, steel, and finally, the new infrastructures formed a cluster of mutations that induced another species of architecture. Exploring Materiality in Form. Referring to an explicitly implicit concept, his essay Bigness or the Problem of Large contains an entire cloud of implicit characterisations: Rem Koolhaas has long since propagated the belief that scale is a direct influence of the expression of architectural gestures in a building.

AA Publications, Londonpp. Texts – alysiakbennett No content added or deleted. Even as BIGNESS enters the stratosphere of architectural ambition-the pure chill of megalomania, it can be achieved only at the price of giving up control, of transmogrification.