When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. Posts about bibi fatima ki kahani in urdu written by mehdisyed.

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After narrating this story, the noble lady who was narrating the event to the goldsmith’s widow disappeared. Seepahee nay jakar jo daikha yo hairaan rah gia. The tribe had done a total boycott of her. Jub donno larkiyun nay yeh sunna to liputtker oahani roeen aur behoosh hogaeen. Subhay ko jub jalaad in lurkiyoon ko qatal kernay kay liay aaya tou inn donno nay uss say kaha pahlay hum badshah se ,ahani arz karna chahatay hein.

Register a new account. The Question was as follows:. When the widow returned to her town, why were other people punished for not listening to the random tale? Tera baitta bauhat jald tuj say milega. My mother used to narrate this story to me with full confidence of its authenticity.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Maa barri paraishaan houee. Alam-e-ghushi may in larkiyoun ne daikha kay ek niqab posh Mozamma tashreef laaee hain aur fermarahee hein ke aiy larkiyoo tum mannut maan lo kay jub tum waldain se mill jaoo gi tou Janaab-e-Saiyada A.

Iahani this Janab e Fatima turned very sad, and then said to everyone to remain calm, the bride will wake up soon.

Meri izzatt aapke haat may hai. In the battle of Ohud when her father was injured she tended him, cleaned his wounds, put some burnt wool on the wounds to stop blood flowing. The guard when he reached the palace of the girls, found it to be completely deserted with nothing there except for the expensive vessel.


There were occasions when there was no food for the family, but she would never complain. During this a severe tempest with furious wind struck the area where the party was gathered and people were blown miles away urdy each other.

bibi fatima ki kahani – video dailymotion

Aur aap ko sub nein nehaayat izzat aur ahtraam key saath rukhsut kia. Majboran mahani seepahee wapis aaya aur sub ko ye majra soonaya. It is a known truth that these three daughters were wedded to pagans.

Kxhani one of the girl’s expensive wedding gift a vessel was bib behind and half way through the distance, the wedding party stopped to look for it. There are more flaws with these two stories than the fingers I can count on both my hands! Badshah aur wazir nay bahoot dhonda aur surganda phirey magar kaheen bhi larrkion ka patta na mila.

Apney darwazey tuk na phoncheen thi key hooraan-e-jannat asmaan say nazil houeen aur Janab Saiyada A. Sunarun nehaayat aur dilchuspee say suntee rahee. The girls and the king’s entourage returned to this king’s kingdom.

These acts of the Prophet were to show the companions that this house and its occupants have a special place in the way of Allah and that this status should be maintained after the death of the Prophet. Khaimein nasab keeyay gaey. Dekha gia tau maalum hua kay rooh aaroos qafus-e-ansari se pervaz ker chukee hai.

Aap ney fermaya key baitti iss ka ikhtiar khud tumko hai.

The Story of Hazrat Fatima (sa), daughter of the Holy Prophet

Wahan per sub kuch mojood that. Badshah ko yeh sunker bohatt hairut hooee aur yoh dulhunno ke pass aaya aur kaha kay maloom hota hai kay tum dono jadogar ho. Badshah ko yeh sunker bohatt hairut hooee aur yoh dulhunno ke pass aaya aur kaha kay maloom hota im kay tum dono jadogar ho. Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani Ek mashoor reewayat hey ke arab ke kissi shehair mein aek sunaaran raihtti thi jis kay k aek larrka tha.


This is Jannatul Baqii where the most beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet together with her children and grandchildren lie in wilderness without even a tomb stone over them.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional – video dailymotion

The child in kahanl womb died because of this atrocious incident. The party members searched all over the place for a long time with no sight of the two girls, the king at this point decided that the most important thing was to return to the kingdom and he left behind a smaller group to continue the search for the girls.

Iss kay baad woh yahudi Janaab Saiyada S. Chand rooz larkiyaan badshad kay yahan raheen. Jub hosh aaya to ek doosrey nay iss waqeya ki tasdeeq ki. Kuch loghon ney naashta kia. Isliye woh yahudi janaab Rasool-e-Khuda S. However Umme Salma replied that what could she teach the model of purity and chastity and I myself would take knowledge and teaching from this Baby girl.

Ek seepahee ko wapis rawana kiya kay lotta lay aaey.