Biografía[editar]. Ellen Schreiber fue actriz y monologuista antes de convertirse en escritora y -Vampire Kisses 1: Vampire Kisses () – Nabla Ediciones ISBN – Besos de Vampiro. -Vampire Kisses -Vampire Kisses 4: Dance with a Vampire () – Bailando con un Vampiro. -Vampire Kisses. Vampire Kisses has ratings and reviews. Alkyoni said: I don’t care that the writing is simplistic. I don’t care that the main character her. by Ellen Schreiber First published August 1st Sort by. title, original date published . Besos de vampiro (Vampire Kisses, #1). Published October by .

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Precious Mapp Yes I know love them. Unlike twilight he does need to sleep yes he does have a real bed but he also has his cauffin hiden behind a secret door cause he wishes he could be a human and the girl wishes she could be a vampire.

May 12, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: It was during this time I began to write an adult novel about a rock star–I had always enjoyed writing It’s not particularly special, but I still enjoy it. Raven And Alexanders Relationship.

Although I didn’t schreibet her complete obsession with vampires and all things black, I really liked her personality. So, can you tell us a little bit about all the series you have out in the market right now? Vampire Kisses was really interesting too. It was refreshing finally not having to expect anything bad to happen in the dark, just because she loved it so much.


Besos de vampiro – Ellen Schreiber – Google Books

It seems like all the ve I have recently been reading are all freaking 12 to 18 hours long and I appreciated this author keeping it short and sweet. The author portrays him as a vampire, no doubt about it. Well, I know how it got published. I love these books!!

Vampire Kisses

If it was intended on being written as a parody then Schreiber succeeded. From the story,the writing style,the characters to pretty much everything about this book made me want to throw it in a fireplace. From her black lipstick to her black fingernails and combat boots, Pretty much everything about her drives me insane!!!

Now the only goth girl in a town dubbed Dullsville, Raven is still a social outcast who enjoys horror movies, black vamipro, and pushing her parents to the edge.

Martin Luther King, Jr: Pero pronto un visitante llama: A synopsis Schreiber clearly didn’t write. There were parts where I just couldn’t stop laughing because Vampire Kisses is a very very funny book. I’d Raven is gothic in a town where that’s rather frowned upon and so she’s rather lonely until a family moves into the wonderful mansion. I liked how brave she was Actual rating: If you could pick only a book of all the ones you have published as your favorite because it’s the most special for you or somethingwhich it would be and why?

There are other books followi This book is kind of like a salad when all you really want is a steak. Zara and Opal January 7 Jan 06, Hasta que unos nuevos y reservados habitantes se instalan en ella. Now that I look back on it, it’s okay.


Nov 22, Ginger rated it liked it Recommends it for: As an educator I was touched today by this article from Mr. Could the town prattle actually ring true? The hero enters after a lifetime and is hard to like. Perfect stereotypical boys right? I was sick and couldn’t move from my bed, hence settled for reading this whole series as it was the only one available in my mobile.

This is very short book, I read it once in less than two hours.

Ellen Schreiber

Teenager girls, gotta love them when they are not annoying! Yeah so you know I have a vampir for Morganville vampires because it just clicks for me, I love main characters to bits.

Soon she is trying to tame her undomesticated desires to match his more civilized sensibilities. And she actually is, she has only one friend Beth and basically that’s all she needs.

Beastly: Lindy’s Diary | LIBROS BAJO LA LUZ DE LA NOCHE

It would be a better book if the main character wouldn’t whine so much and get over the whole damned “I’m goth and no one understands me” bullshit.

Well done Ellen Schreiber! Las vacaciones de verano han terminado.