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Bengali Cartoon Series – Batul The Great – Batuler School – video dailymotion

Bantul tells Bacchu, Bicchu and Noshu that he has an interesting story to narrate. Soon, Shikdar Moshai complains to Bantul about his stolen medal and pen. He explains that he, too, would collect them in his youth. He, later, tells them that the kidnappers took advantage of their love for sports.

Thereafter, he spots an old neighbour celebrating her birthday bangka then sends him her birthday cake through her pet monkey. The story revolves around Batul, a superhero, who fights the evil and protects the good. Bantul visits his place to investigate the theft and gives some instructions to Bachhu and Bichchu.

Bengali Cartoon Series – Batul The Great – Batuler School

ggreat Batabyal, Bacchhu and Bicchu fail to realise that they are being hypnotised. Later, Bantul reveals that Bidhu had stolen the curio to sell it to Dastidar. Click here to login. Batul the Great Season 1.


Bantul then overpowers the kidnappers and frees Batabyal, Bacchu and Bicchu. Overview Bantul The Great is a Bengali animation television series based on the comic strip of the same name created by Author Narayan Debnath.

They imagine Nimas taking them on a jet ride while they were actually being taken to a deserted factory. Bantul The Great – Episodes Nasuda orders Bachhu and Bichchu to collect sweets from their locality on Independence Day. When Bantul tried to save Jagadishwar from drowning, banglaa spoted a skeleton underwater instead of him. Bidhu then tells him that after stealing the idol, Dastidar had run away to Hyderabad.

He also mentions that during a storm, his boatman engaged in a fight with a dacoit called Jagadishwar. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Bantul travels to Shankhagarh with Bacchu and Bicchu to solve the mystery behind a curio theft. Bantul The Great is a Bengali animation television series based on the comic strip of the same name created by Author Narayan Debnath.

Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Soon, they take the train to go there, while Bantul decides to stay. Noshu mistakably bangls Bachhu and Bichchu to a marriage venue where they get surrounded by villagers who take them to be dacoits.


Bantul The Great

He then tells about an incident a few years back when he was travelling by boat. There, he learns that Amiya had offered the shopkeeper a larger t sum than Dastidar to buy the antique. However, Bantul claims that it is not historically correct. Later, Noshu manages to escape and leads Bantul to the factory. He asks Bacchu and Bicchu to visit Disneyland so that he can investigate the case alone.

Bantul also reveals that Amiya had actually hid the curio in a piggy bank and Bidhu had stolen the dupe which Amiya kept on the shelf. At the same time, Bantul gets a call where the caller warns him about Noshu, Bachhu and Bichchu.