Low forward voltage drop. □ Surface mount device. Description. Diodes in the BAT46 series are high voltage, small signal Schottky diodes suited for protection. BAT Document Number Rev. , Mar Vishay Semiconductors 1. 94 Schottky Diodes. Features. • For general purpose. BATTR Vishay Semiconductors Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Volt mA mA IFSM datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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These are very sweet sounding eq wise. Limiting the voltage on the resultant output becomes a low-voltage op-amp problem, simple and safe. I looked for other solutions and I managed to assemble the following circuit: Also, R5, R6, R7 and R8 need to be the same value, but not necessarily the same value as the first group. Asymmestric is the best sound for these. Smooth and lots of character. But I need to guarantee the resulting voltage don’t exceed the specified range. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OA These are something special. Germanium 1N34A Single black ring 1. First of all, will this work? Controlled; highs are a little attenuated. Very bright for a Ge single.

Clip signal with very low threshold Ask Question. They really shine in pairs — they get this interesting vocal quality and the distortion is very smooth. Don’t replace Schottky with Si diodes.


Datasehet I really liked this sensor and I think I will buy it for future versions of this project. Sounds a lot like most 1N34As — dark with some highs attenuation, but less bassy. Sold out D9E 1. Do you have any suggestion? I most likely will not get more right away since I have several more Russian types on the way. If so, please update your question accordingly for further inputs.

Second edit Now I’m offering a little bounty in accordance to my low reputation. I need to limit a signal to the dxtasheet range: Depending on your application you may also need to check the forward voltage, as low forward voltage is often the reason to choose a Schottky diode.

More of the same, but raunchy. I’m open to suggestions on how to ensure that the limit is obeyed with less “tolerance. In systems where voltage losses do matter – eg MPPT systems that seek to optimise energy extraction from the PV panel a gain of even 0. Average current is one thing, peak current and power datasheft capabilities are another.

BAT46 product information

Email Required, but never shown. These are nice, I like them quite a bit and have used them in multiple builds. And I think I understand its purpose: These are outstanding diodes. This isn’t a real problem, but if I can avoid it, it would be better.


Just a hint of distortion. TO will run about a buck for singles. However, they’re all the cheaper, lower-power, lower datasheer axial package. This is a great sounding diode.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I preferred these in singles, but they would be awesome in a Muff-type circuit or a whisker biscuit.

voltage clipping – Clip signal with very low threshold – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Early buyers catasheet wanted them! Sold out for the nonce. Would be great in a tubescreamer or bluebreaker, or as a clipping option in the Aristocrat. So I want to buy some Schottky Diodes to have on hand. The voltage divider at the output can be omitted if you’d like to have a bonus 1. I’ve edited my question.

Very balanced sounding for a Ge, not a ton of bassiness. Much better in symmetric than double black bands. I think it takes maximum advantage of their tonal response. I need to get some for a Pharaoh build.